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As a classroom teacher, I’m always on the look out for resources that will help my students in class and support the work they do at home as well. Over the years, I’ve gathered binders full of information, computer files full of information, and now Pinterest boards full of information. I’m over the moon the FINALLY have a resource where I can curate ALL of my content under ONE place: appoLearning Collections.

What Are appoLearning Collections?

~ one spot to save ALL your favorites ~

Imagine a space where you could find standards aligned, developmentally appropriate, engaging content all in one place… like a filtered Google Search just for Education. Collections are a space where you can save all your favorite items, like bookmarks. Yes, you can save them as public or private. I love Collections because I can save more than just links!!! I can save files, iTunes apps, videos, PDFs, images, and more – all in one, single, organized spot. With just a click, I can share with parents, students, or colleagues! You can read more about appoLearning in this post I did earlier this month.

What Makes appoLearning Collections Great?

~ They simplify accessing and saving great content for everyone! ~

Can I See What A Collection Looks Like?

Sure! I made a math collection to for my measurement unit on capacity. I opened up my favorite resources that I had saved in several different locations. I had many links saved on my math Pinterest board. Some files were saved on my computer’s hard drive. Finally I opened my iPad to see which apps I used to reinforce the learning for this unit of study.


To see the “Elementary Math: Measurement and Capacity Collection” that I made, simply click the image above or click here. Because I had most of these resources already, all I had to do was save them to the collection. It was easy! However, because appoLearning has so much more to offer, I was also able to search for great capacity ideas right within the website…. amazing!

How Can I make My Own Collection?

Making a Collection is quite simple… trust me. It took me about four minutes to create the one above for math. After one is created, you’ll feel so good knowing you are that much more organized. I love getting ready for “Back to School Time,” but I tend to stress myself out a bit because I want everything to be “just-right.” Thankfully, this tool and resource will help me keep my planning organized. I know it will save me a ton of time now and in the upcoming years. I’ll be able easily add and omit resources as the years pass so that my students always have access to the best content.

Step 1: Search for great content or if you know what you’d like to add… get started!

Step 2: Set up your Collection (give it a name and description)

Step 3: Start saving your favorite content (videos, apps, websites, files, and more!)

Really… this is Free? How do I start?

You can sign up right away… it’s very simple (and fun!)

click this image to start

If you make a Collection, please be sure to share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or your favorite social media site so others can see the awesome content you’ve curated. Together – we all learn more! I can’t wait to see what my friends come up with… please share your Collections with me!

What Collection will you make first? Ohhhhh…. I just thought of a great one – how about a Collection of book ideas to read to your students on the first day of school?!? You could include activities, ice-breakers, games, and more that all compliment the books within the Collection – how fun!

“Disclosure of Material Connection: This post is sponsored by appoLearning. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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