3 Reasons to Use EduKids Connect in Early Ed Classrooms

Early childhood programs have an important role in preparing children to elementary school and encouraging their love for learning. As a teacher you want your little ones to not only eat and sleep well, but also learn and grow. But working with kids is no easy task. You have to manage dozens of activities every day ranging from diaper changes to naps, dance classes and outdoor walks. On the other hand, as a parent you want to know what your kids were up to all day.

While this sounds too complex, there actually is a very simple childcare management software to solve all these problems.

EduKids Connect is an all-in-one software solution designed to manage early childhood programs in a way that is beneficial for teachers, parents and school directors. It is essentially an application, available both on mobile and desktop devices, which makes it very convenient to use any time and anywhere.

So why do you absolutely need to try EduKids Connect today?


Easy and Effective Parent-Teacher Communication

Parents like to keep their hands on the pulse all the time. And offering them a simple tool just for that can help them choose your school over others. With EduKids Connect teachers and parents communicate in a number of ways.

  • Teachers record kids’ essential activities throughout the day, such as meals, naps,  potty times, classroom activities, etc. Parents receive daily care reports containing all of this information, together with notes and special requests from teachers, if there are any.
  • Teachers share photos and videos with parents to actually see how their kids perform in school. Parents, in their turn, can easily access these media from their parent portal provided to them or even receive the media instantly on their email. EduKids also lets parents share these images or videos on their Facebook profile at the tap of a button. This is important because some parents feel anxious about missing their children’s precious moments while they are at school. So this feature will definitely ease their pain.

Teacher Child profile SS

  • Parents can access teaching materials, meal plans, parent handbook and other information anytime from their EduKids app.
  • Teachers can record observation notes for each child right in the appincluding progress, aligned and labeled with State standards, and use them for future parent-teacher conferences. They can also add photos and videos to each observation for reference. This feature is relatively new and allows teacher and parents to review the child’s progress over time and monitor specific behavioral traits.

edukids child assessment report

Reduced Costs and Higher Productivity

EduKids Connect is first of all a communication tool for teachers and parents. However, it comes with a pack of multi-purpose features and software extensions to support your school’s operation from A to Z. This means you don’t have to pay for a number of software tools separately. For instance, you can effectively integrate EduKids with QuickBooks to manage accounting transactions, including invoicing tuition payments.

As a director, you often need to send parents monthly newsletters, reminders, documents or forms to fill out. With EduKids Connect, you can do all of that right from your dashboard.

EduKids dashboard

This tool also automates reporting both for parents and for the management. With a smart dashboard and customized reports, directors will save significant amount of time and will increase overall productivity of the school staff.

Integrated With FunShine Online Early Learning Curriculum

EduKids Connect has recently partnered with the leading early learning curriculum provider FunShine Online to bring you the best infant and toddler curriculum resources!

EduKids Connect Partners With FunShine Online Curriculums

If you are not yet familiar with FunShine Online, it helps both parents and teachers save time on learning material development and prepare children for school. They offer professional curriculum, aligned to your state standards and packed with developmentally appropriate learning materials for children aged 0 to 5.

Funshine Online

EduKids Connect and FunShine Online integration will  allow users to instantly access over 15,000 age-appropriate activities and ready-to-use lesson plans from directly within the EduKids app.

Teachers can now access their FunShine Online dashboard and review their weekly & daily lesson plan calendars without ever leaving the app. Additionally, they will be able to attach the lesson plan summaries to daily report emails sent to each parent.

With this new feature EduKids Connect not only helps you manage parental engagement, but also strengthens the early learning core with professional curriculums from FunShine Online.

edukids funshine online

How to get started?

It is very easy. All you have to do is visit EduKids Connect website and sign up for an interactive demo to see the tool in action.

The great thing about this tool is that there is 60-day FREE trial without any obligations. It will allow both parents and teachers to use EduKids Connect for 2 months and experience all of the features first-hand before making a final decision to purchase.

In short, EduKids Connect is a truly unique and comprehensive product with the best features in the market.


Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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