3 Ways to Encourage Parent Involvement in Classroom

Any educator will agree parents are the most important partners in a child’s education. Students, whose parents are involved in learning processes, tend to demonstrate better academic performance and behavioral patterns. Still, in most schools parent involvement is confined to attending general meetings, school events or conducting phone discussions. Not a good way to go! Teachers must think of strategies to incorporate parents into learning processes.

My experience showed there is no single parent who doesn’t want to become a part of kid’s learning processes. It’s just that quite often there are opportunities to engage them.  Increase parent involvement in classroom and you’ll see even the most busy moms will find time for it.

3 ways to promote parent involvement in classroom

There are lots of strategies for parent involvement, but here’s what I would recommend most.

Boosting parent engagement through homework

To boost parent engagement, you can try to give assignments that presume kids’ communication with parents. Practical assignments requiring conversation and action can be assigned in the scope of any subject. E.g., biology teachers can assign to plant a flower at home. No doubt, moms and grandmothers will be engaged in the process. You can assign them to interview family members, cook something, draw a family tree etc. Simply anything that will gather the whole family around!

Such tasks allow parents to coordinate with teachers in their efforts to providing quality learning experiences to kids.

Building a culture of virtual conversation

Busy schedule makes it difficult for parents to keep engaged in kids’ classes. This is true for both working and stay-at-home parents. Nowadays strict schedule is for everyone. However, teachers can think of ways to share up-to-date news with them.

There is a wide variety of ways for sending information on kids’ school life. You can have a classroom website or a blog. Sending newsletters and press releases is also a good option. Besides, you can engage kids in preparing these materials.

Social networks also provide great connecting tools. You can share a classroom picture or even livestream project presentations. Parents will undoubtedly find time for watching and even interacting with your post.

There are also a number of apps boosting three-way partnership with kids and parents. You can find a number posts on my blog about some awesome apps that I personally love using. You can apply them for sharing classroom moments with parents. These apps allow liking, commenting and other functions of engagement. A good way to build a culture of involvement among parents!

Apps also provide monitoring tools to parents for keeping track of kids’ academic success and behavioral patterns. Big data at hand!

Organizing workshops on hot parental issues

No doubt, increasing parent involvement in classroom can be challenging. Still, educators should take the initiative. As such, workshops and conferences are good occasions.

As an educator, you certainly know what family issues matter most to parents. You have a wide choice of topics ranging from child development and good nutrition patterns to helping with kids’ homework and establishing sleep habits. You can invite your school psychologist or a guest speaker.

This is a perfect opportunity to form good grounds of teacher-parent and parent-parent relationships. No better way to boost ongoing participation of parents!

To sum up, successful parent- classroom partnership should be incorporated into school’s mission. After all, both parties act for the benefit of students.



Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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