3 Ways to Use Tablets in Elementary Classrooms

Nowadays kids are born with an iPad in their hands. Simply look around and you’ll notice toddlers making their first steps and at the same time effortlessly swiping through apps on their own tablets. This is the reality. In an increasingly digitalized world kids’ technological literacy is as important as their writing or reading skills.
No wonder, so many schools today utilize tablets in the classroom. It doesn’t pose any restrictions to traditional learning; yet provides a wealth of extra information for young learners. Those in elementary grades using iPads or other tablets demonstrate creative thinking, high IQ scores and good problem solving skills.
The iPad can actually become every teacher’s must-have edtech tool when used properly. There are multiple ways to use tablets effectively in elementary grades.


3 Ways to Use Tablets in Elementary Classrooms

Creativity boost

Elementary school is probably the best place to teach individuality and diversity thinking to students of young age. So why would you use anything else if the iPad offers a universe of apps teaching creative thinking in an interactive manner?
iPads and other tablets help kids become more creative through dozens of applications designed for mastering the art of drawing, sketching and painting. There are also lots of apps that allow kids to create stories, projects or engaging video materials. What can expand the creativity of a second-grade student? Photography, audio, video, drawing. iPad apps include all these elements in a range of perfectly designed apps.
There are also many apps that boost creativity through games. There is no better way to make education engaging for kids. They can draw animals to fill the zoo, piece puzzles on touchscreen, sketch clothing for Barbie dolls or illustrate the last episode of interesting tales.

3 Ways to Use Tablets in Elementary Classrooms

Collaboration in classroom

These days there is a specially designed app for almost anything you may think of. Classroom groupwork is no exception. There are plenty of apps that empower kids to collaborate with other students, make projects together and get real-time feedback from the teacher. It is so much better than doing individual work in exercise-books. Collaboration is easier when there are a few iPads in the classroom. By the way, the tech-friendly apps designed for kids put flexible tools of control in the hands of teachers.
What can be better than having the whole classroom on a single platform? Children have never been as collaborative as they are in digital era.

3 Ways to Use Tablets in Elementary Classrooms

Hands-on science for kids

Last but not least, there are limitless number of resources for teaching and learning with an iPad. It has apps to teach practically any skill. Kids will learn science, history, geography, languages and math through entertaining activities. Besides, there are dozens of apps providing kid-friendly how-to and step-by-step guides.
The tech-friendly working environment inspires learning and expands critical thinking in kids. Teachers just need to find the right ways to utilize kids’ huge passion for tablets, smartphones and other gadgets so that students can have fun while also learning and practicing new skills.
How do you use tablets in the classroom? I would love to hear your use cases and tips, so please go ahead and comment below!


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