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Are you inundated with apps and websites promised to help you become more efficient, yet feel like you have even less time because you’re managing several different apps and websites to check messages, send replies, text reminders, share photos, schedule events, and more?

If you’re like me, you know this feeling all too well.

There are many wonderful tools to use for educators today, and I’ve certainly found a few favorites that my students and parents have grown to love over the years.  However, I cringe at the beginning of each school year because I know all too well how overwhelming the paperwork, registration forms, permission slips, health forms, curriculum login website sheets, and acceptable technology use forms can be for parents.   On top of the required district paperwork, I feel guilty sending home additional requests for parents to register and sign up for the various apps and websites we will be using throughout the year.  Granted, I know the parents will grow to love the resources, but as a parent myself, I understand how taxing the back-to-school time can be for families.

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I’ve been wishing for a solution that would help to simplify school/home communication without having to download several apps or login into different websites.  Quite simply, there should be one tool that allowed all communication to transpire under one app/website.  Now there is… and I’m so excited to share LivingTree with you!

LivingTree Is for Everyone Looking to Communicate with Groups!

Signing up for LivingTree is easy and can be done in minutes.  When you’re setting up your account, I like how you are asked to select if you’re creating an adult group or a child group.  There are several subcategories under each type of group, based on your selection.  You are also able to set up several groups within your account.  This may be great for those who coach, teach, and have parent groups for their own children.

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Easy to Share Messages, Photos, and Files…

Let’s face it… the easier something is to use, the chances of using it increase.  I LOVE that you can share a variety of types of communication with just a simple click.  Some apps are great if you want to send a quick message to parents; however, sometimes you really need to send an attachment or larger file.  Now you can!

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Customize How Your Post Gets Delivered and More!

What a genius feature!  Sometimes I wish I could share information without immediately notifying a parent via a pop up on their mobile device.  For example, it’s nice to share  something that happened in class that day or a candid photo of the children; however, I sometimes refrain from doing so because I want to avoid disrupting families when they may be at work during the day.  Yet, sometimes I want to be able to immediately notify parents of an important reminder and would like it to come through as a notification on their mobile device to ensure they receive it.  With LivingTree, you have that option.  After you type your note or add your photo/file, you can click any of the square options below to decide if you want to:

  • notify recipients of your post (if you do not click this option, your note will still post and be available for viewing… just without the immediate notification to parents)
  • disable comments for specific posts
  • allow for re-sharing of a post

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Easily Share Communications for Anywhere, Anytime!

Because I’m always on the go, I often think of an important reminder while walking the class down the hall.  With the LivingTree app, I can easily make posts from anywhere.  It’s nice to be on a field trip or away from the classroom and still be able to quickly and efficiently connect with students and families in a variety of ways.

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Free Teacher Printables (Ready-To-Go):

Saving the best for last… As teachers, we all appreciate when the paperwork is done for us so that we can focus on what matters most: our kids.  LivingTree has an incredible archive of handouts ready-to-print that you can send directly home to inform families of the great ways you’ll be connecting the classroom to their community.  It’s a teacher’s goldmine!

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This post reflects a compensated editorial partnership with LivingTree.  

All views are my own.


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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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