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add your voice throughout the video & insert questions to check for understanding – 

Education is about building a relationship with your students. Videos are a
powerful tool that could help teachers to have more meaningful time with their
students. However, to create a video from scratch is time consuming and
requires expensive tools. Besides, how do you know if your students are
watching the video or if they understand the lesson?

Teachers that flip their classroom using videos too often end up giving a
digitized version of the lecture-driven classroom model, and information
delivery becomes impersonal and passive. Too much effort for not much reward.
Not anymore, with EDpuzzle you can make any video your lesson. 

Here are 5
reasons why you should use EDpuzzle:

#1 – Makes any video personal.

EDpuzzle gives you the ability to remix current YouTube videos with your
own voice, or insert audio notes. Students learn best from people they like. So
explain with your own words and connect with your students. Build your
relationship with your student also through the videos.

#2 – Makes video lectures an interactive
One of the biggest frustrations of any teacher that uses videos is that
they do not know if the message is delivered to the students. Are they watching
the video or chatting on Facebook? With EDpuzzle you can track the amount of
times a student watched a section of the video or if they skipped parts of it.

Any teacher knows that a lesson is an interactive
experience between teacher and student. Well, EDpuzzle makes video delivery an
interactive experience because teachers can build in questions for students to
answer: open ended questions, multiple choice or comments. Now, you can sparkle
their curiosity by asking “What do you think about this?!” in the middle of a

#3 – Makes any video perfect for your unique
“This video is almost perfect, but I just want to use part of it”. How many
times has that popped in your mind while watching a video on YouTube? With EDpuzzle
you can crop and take only the part that is useful for your lesson. Make it to
the point.

#4 – Powerful tool for Project Based Learning.
Students usually know more about technology, videos and
YouTube than any teacher. They spend on average 7 hours per day watching media!
Well, EDpuzzle enables teachers to assign their students a project. Students
are empowered with the editing tools to create their own lesson. The teacher
privately receives all the videos created by the students and can give feedback
to each one of them. The cool part is that teachers can save and assign to the
rest of the class any video created by a student.

#5 – Building a better education together.

EDpuzzle offers multiple sources of educational videos
like YouTube, Khan Academy, Learnzillion, etc. Also, you can find your video
from a repository of lessons with quizzes and comments created and tested by
teachers. But if you already created your own video, EDpuzzle gives you the
possibility to upload your own videos directly from your computer, laptop or
I highly recommend checking out this product- it’s free for teachers and
students, and will ease a lot of the frustrations that come with using videos
in the classroom!
To get started, visit Sign up and play around- it’s
fairly intuitive. Besides, if your students do not have an email account, no
problem! They do not need it. They can register with a nickname or just using
their google account. ~ Just click the button below…

It is free, it is useful and the team is 100% open to suggestions and
feedback. As any other Imagine K12 company, they built this product listening to
teachers like you. So, give it a try and contact them!


Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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  2. Instruction is about building an association with your understudies. Recordings are an effective device that could assist instructors with having more significant time with their understudies. Be that as it may, to make a video without any preparation is tedious and requires costly devices

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