An Organized Planning Solution for Teachers: The 2015 Teacher Anchor

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An Organized Planning Solution for Teachers: The 2015 Teacher Anchor

An Organized Planning Solution for Teachers: The 2015 Teacher Anchor

An Organized Planning Solution for Teachers: The 2015 Teacher Anchor

cAn Organized Planning Solution for Teachers click here to see Chandra’s amazing products

Hi Kleinspiration readers! My name is Chandra and I own the shop and blog C. Jayne Teach! I’m the creator of a lot of organizational products for teachers, but mainly the Teacher Anchorâ„¢, an all in one lesson planner and organizer to help teachers keep track of their plans and student progress throughout the year! You can read more about the Teacher Anchor and see a short video of the “why” behind this product on my website here. But I also want to share about the updated 2015Teacher Anchorâ„¢ here!

Last year, I partnered up with Erin for her to review the Teacher Anchorâ„¢. I had followed Erin for a little while and had even used some of her lesson plans and ideas with the college students I teach. She was so kind and did a great job reviewing the Teacher Anchorâ„¢ last year and even showcasing the product in a video! Based on her feedback from using the product over the past year and the feedback I received from hundreds of other teachers, I decided to update this years edition!

Here are some of the changes that I want to share with you now:

The Anchor will ship immediately this year! No pre-selling, just shipping in 3-5 business days beginning May 1st! Yay!

-One of the biggest pieces of feedback was that the cover on last years spiral planner just wasn’t sturdy enough. So this year, the cover is super sturdy and durable. It’s made of synthetic plastic, which is lightweight but virtually non-tearable! I’ve been carrying one around since before Christmas to test it out and it still looks brand new. Plus the shiny metallic dots on the cover just make me happy. :)

The binder now comes with the option to not only personalize but also to choose your color! You can see all 12 color options here. Of course our signature navy and red solid binders are still available too, but in a VERY limited quantity. Personalization was a big request and I think you all are going to love them.

-The spiral bound planner now includes the “student data sheet set” within itself. If you remember, last year those were included separately, but this year I decided to just make a section of blackline masters within the planner itself, so they’re always easily located!


-Speaking of sections, the planner now has dividers to separate the 5 main sections of the planner: monthly calendar, weekly calendar, grade book, blackline masters, and the Common Core!

-New forms and pages have been added to the planner including more “notes” pages, a professional development planner and log and allergy record to name a few.

-The planner this year is not hole-punched. I found that lots of teachers were using it outside of the binder and just using the binder for student progress monitoring. So we eliminated the three holes so that it can be used alongside and not within. Also this is helpful for teachers who just want to use it and purchase it alone (which is totally do-able!).

If you’d like to see more, I also recorded a video blog for you this year. You can see that here. I have to tell you though, that I recorded this on the fly in our guest bedroom, between feedings and toddler playtime. :) So you’ll have to excuse my no makeup, unscripted self! BUT you get a lot of views and information about the Anchor itself, so enjoy!


Also the rest of the complete 2015-16 C. Jayne Teach collection launches May 1st! So be sure to check out all new designs, organizational items, and new products (my favorite being the water tumbler version of our popular Pep Talk mug!)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here or email me: And thank you to Erin for all of her feedback and help promoting this little brand of mine. I’m lucky to call her a friend!

Thank you so much, Chandra! So happy we’ve become friends!! Always inspired by your warmth and creativity – Hugs, Erin –click here to see Chandra’s site.



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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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