April Fool’s Fun in The Classroom

We all know people who do not have sense of humor or simply don’t get your jokes straight away. Annoying, right? Everyone must possess at least some basic skills of humor to better blend into society. And these skills must be learnt at early ages. So teachers need to inspire creative and humorous approach in the classroom. With April 1st on the way, why not take April Fool’s fun into your classroom?

april fools day

Encouraging laughter in classroom has a number of benefits. First of all, it helps engage students. When teachers incorporate humor in lessons, it helps students grasp the information more deeply. They also start showing creative approach to assignments. Besides, when getting smiles during the lesson, teachers inspire in-class collaboration. Finally, the positive climate for learning reduces stress and tension, which is extremely important especially during exams.

Personally I believe certain degree of humor and fun is absolutely necessary for effective learning. Surely it doesn’t mean students should be free to prank their classmates or the teacher. But a relaxing smile and a hearty laugh every now and then is enough to create positive climate for learning.

So it’s the time for teachers to take humor and fun seriously! With April Fool’s Day approaching, I am on the lookout for fun options to motivate my kids.

There are multiple tips and tricks for bringing April Fool’s Fun into your classroom:

Fun Caricatures

Assign students to paint their classmates. Moreover, they can try to visualize in their paintings how they see each other in like 20 years. It will spark their creativity and bring forth some funny discussions. Laughter guaranteed! It’s a good way to inspire communication and cooperation among classmates.

The important thing to consider for this task is to avoid sarcasm and bullying other kids regardless of how good or bad their paintings are.

Play time!

Divide students into groups and ask them to think about something funny and then try to explain it to their group members through gestures and sign language. This game is surely going to be a memorable one.  Besides, it will certainly inspire openness and creativity in classroom.

april fools

Firing up creativity

Break up routines and assign students to produce a comedy sketch. It could be doing parodies or playing theater scenes. Be ready to seeing wigs and moustaches all over. Group presentations ignite passion and creativity among students. There is no better way to make learning fun.

Kids making the class

No matter how professional educators we are, we cannot have full information on up-to-date plays kids enjoy. Students know better what can engage them. Being open to kids’ interests will help us think of effective activities that will capture their attention.

Even if it is well beyond your curriculum, it’s OK. After all, it’s April Fool’s day and kids can simply enjoy their time.

Tricks and Treats

While all these ideas are funny and useful, still it’s April Fool’s Day and you have a good excuse to think of a small prank. You can hold an exam and include some funny options in the test. Students will be challenged to think whether you are serious or not. Besides, it will create a supportive climate for completing the overall test successfully. Simply think of something that will make the day memorable for your students.

To conclude, creative and humorous approach to teaching appears to be a helpful learning tool. Non-standard approach is a good way to engage students and make school a place they want to go rather than a place they have to go.



Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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