Beautiful Classroom Design Themes from Schoolgirl Style & a super give-away!

The cutest classroom themes by Schoolgirl Style
Melanie is the magnificent designer behind Schoolgirl Style.  She’s a friend of mine right here in Michigan, and I’m so fortunate to have connected with her to offer Kleinspiration readers one of the best give-aways ever!  Melanie is one of the most creative and crafty people I know.  I admire her attention to detail and the way she so elegantly incorporates the necessities of teaching without sacrificing quality design. 
Melanie’s newest classroom theme is “Camp Learn A Lot;” however, she has several selections within her classroom design portfolio for the winner to select.  One lucky reader will be able to choose an entire theme from Schoolgirl Style – so, YES, my friend… you will be ready to kick off the school year in complete style!
What I really admire about Melanie’s designs are the way they enhance the existing environment without completing the space prior to the children arriving.  As a second grade teacher, I really enjoy when the kids arrive in the fall.  I intentionally leave parts of my classroom unfinished so that they can have ownership in helping to design and complete the space we will all share throughout the year.  I appreciate how Melanie’s designs reflect this idea.  Her themes allow a teacher to lay the foundation, or framework, of the classroom so that the environment is inviting and comfortable but still allow for the learning community to add their personal touch regarding the space design.  
As the winner, which theme will you select to design your classroom space?
*click each image to see the full design set and materials*

Camp Learn A Lot:
Animal Adventure Collection:
Primary Apple Theme:
 Apple Theme:
Happy Honeybee Collection:
Garden Party!
The Rainbow Collection:
The Owl Collection:
Polka Dots & Dasies:
 Rockstar Theme:
Gingerbread Party!
Happy Halloween!
Bird Theme:
Carnival Theme:
Enter the amazing give-away below & be sure to check out Melanie’s site!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am a huge fan of Schoolgirl Style & when I saw this giveaway, I couldn't contain myself! I've already been planning to base my classroom theme on her "Dots on Turquoise" theme, but I could only afford to buy the borders & some labels (which I can't wait to get in the mail!). So I would loooove to have the entire theme! =)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    The Resource Room Teacher

  2. I love the bird theme and already picked it this year so I would probably choose one of the holiday themes-gingebread or halloween! So hard to decide because everything is so awesome! I would love for Melanie to come to my class and decorate everything!

  3. Ahhh! I absolutely love Schoolgirl Style (coming here via her!) and I am in love with her carnival theme for the classroom! PRECIOUS!!

  4. It's so hard to pick just one…I'm already doing the Primary Apple theme in my classroom this year, but I would love to do the owls or garden party theme as well!

  5. I really like them all, but my favorite is the carnival theme! I love all of the bright colors and how it is a neutral theme that both boys and girls will enjoy!

  6. Primary apple is my fav, love the dots and bright colors. Erin, I follow you on your blog, and now love your pinterest boards

  7. I love all of the themes so much. I am really drawn to the colors. I'm always into "practical", so I'd probably choose the apple theme; although, I wanted to do an animal adventure type theme this year.

  8. Erin!!! Your giveaway is rocking girl!!! So happy for you! Melanie is just awesome. I love all her ideas and want them all! But polka dots and daisies is probably my fave :)

  9. It's so hard to pick just one favorite! I love the Polka Dot Daisy Theme, but I also love the rainbow collection to complement the sun and clouds theme I've decided to go with this school year!

    Creating & Teaching

  10. Can I combine the bird, owl and camping theme? It might be manageable. You can go camping in the forest and that's where you will see the birds and owls right?

  11. I am loving the Animal Adventure Collection for a friend who couldn't afford it or the rainbow one for myself….Geez isn't this like picking your favorite student…LOL….Thanks for the chances!

  12. Hi Erin! I am also a Michigan teacher, and taught with Melanie my first year of teaching! It's so good to see other Michigan teachers (even though I've been reading your blog forever now!! 😉

    *I am LOVING the Honey Bee Collection but seriously they are all amazing! How do you choose??!! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    Young Teacher Love 5th Grade Blog

  13. I absolutely LOVE the honeybee theme and the original black and white daisy theme….but I have never seen such a cute collection for gingerbread…which to choose?! Love them all. Michelle whitehead

  14. I loe them all!!!! I would have to go with the Owl Theme as our school's mascot is an owl – otherwise I know I would never be able to choose!

  15. I have already decided on a Circus theme for my First Grade classroom this year! This giveaway would be perfect to get me started!

  16. I like the classic apple theme. But if I were really daring and wanted to make a statement, I would go for the honeybee theme.

  17. I love the Owl Theme! I was checking out her site & saw the link to this contest. Thanks to both of you for this opportunity. I'm moving rooms & positions, AGAIN, so I'm starting over with new theme. Bright polka dots! I have a few owl accents right now, but this would be a great addition! Oh, I follow your blog now!

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