My 2nd Graders Love Our New Beautiful Classroom Pet Environment from BioBubble!

Versatile.  Creative.  Fun.  BioBubble.

One of the most common requests I hear from my students is to host a classroom pet.  Seemingly a small request, but so much work and so many choices.  These little guys don’t take care of themselves like The Wonder Pets.  There are cleaning, maintenance, and safety concerns to hosting a class creature.  Recently I’ve come across a product called Bio Bubble Pets from Educents, which can help classrooms maintain a pet with a fun and easy to maintain new design.  

The BioBubble is an incredibly versatile habitat that can
be used to create environments for a wide variety of tropical and marine fish,
small land animals and reptiles, as well as a greenhouse for the study of
plants and insects.  As an educational tool, the BioBubble enables educators
to be able to use a single system to teach and demonstrate a wide range of
subjects, individual life cycle projects and science and biology curriculum.  Fish, reptiles, insects and plants-the BioBubble does it all!

Our New Class Pet – The Kids LOVE it!

This fall, I brought the BioBubble Aquatic into my second grade classroom.   This is a really cool product in many senses.  The first thing that one notices about this product is that it’s incredibly beautiful.  With crystal clear 360 degree views and LED viewing, there isn’t a bad view in the house.

This product is much more than just a pretty face.  Cleaning is made much easier using the revolutionary expandable sleeve, which makes Bio Bubble the world’s first collapsible aquarium.  

As your own children grow or your classroom assignment changes, you may find that you don’t necessarily have a need for fish any longer.  This is where the hidden beauty of BioBubble really comes to light.  It’s flexible design allows for an easy conversion to another pet or project with a few simple accessories.  Going beyond the aquarium and bringing insects, small animals, and many other fun adventures into the classroom is made simple with BioBubble Aquatic. 

BioBubble comes in a variety of FUN colors
gray, purple, green, blue, pink and black

Yes… they have other designs too!  You can click here to see the variety of colors and designs.

BioBubble has so many great features that you almost have to see it to believe it.  Please take a look at the short video below to see the BioBubble in action.  

{Check Out BioBubble Pets!}


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