Boosting “Edutainment” in Classroom With IXL

Remember the times parents asked for extra assignments? Despite encouraging likewise attention towards kid’s learning progress, it means additional work for us. It turns out things go tough for kids too. Responsible parents are concerned about all subjects, which means kids need to use various tools to do all assignments.

While I take pride in parents concerned about kids’ schooling processes, I also want to make it easy and effective for kids.

This is when I recommend IXL app.

ixl educational app

It has a prominent place in my group of apps “easy for teachers, effective for kids”. The main reason I like this app so much is that it involves all subjects on a single platform. No need to go through various online and offline tools! A simple login is enough.

My readers must be well familiar with this app. Today I’ll share how it benefits everyone involved in the process:


As mentioned above, all assignments are on a single app. The list involves Math, languages, science and even social studies. Moreover, it makes learning fun! Kids strive for more success as the app awards them with many virtual awards reflecting their favorite animals, places and hobbies. When solving Math assignments, correct answers help them uncover hidden prizes, progress in languages allows collecting stickers, stamps etc. Motivating!

There is much to unlock so there is something to work for all year round.

ixl educational app


No need to spend evenings on preparing quizzes and tests. IXL has done the homework for us. Thanks to the app, you can diversify your classes from time to time. Besides, it’s a good basis for summer assignments.

The app provides high quality content. You can find materials that are aligned to your educational standards. Therefore, it’s up to you to follow Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards or any other U.S. state standards.

Another important aspect of this app is the easy-to-use analytics. You can see kids’ progress and who needs additional practice.

Kids have access to some reports too, which means they can record success even without your intervention. Their virtual teacher is with them!



Whenever parents express any concern about kids spending too much time in front of computers and various gadgets, I always urge them to make those hours effective. While it may be difficult to distract them from these attention-grabbing monitors, we can give them engaging tools that prove to be equally effective. IXL is a vivid example of such a tool.

I strongly believe parents’ role is as important as that of any other party involved. IXL is the app that boosts three-way cooperation. They can give the assignments and follow kids’ success thanks to visualized analytics. No need to worry kids may regress during vacations. No way! The app reflects the knowledge essential for his age.

To sum up, IXL is a good sample of “edutainment”. It should be applied especially when we want to target all subjects in a unified space.




Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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