Breaking News: Remind101 Launches the App!

Ever wish you could send out a mass text to a group?

I started using remind101 when it first launched 7 months ago. I enjoy how simple and effective the site is to use.  A friend of mine also uses remind101 and states, “The
impact it’s had on my students turning in assignments and the amount of
time it has saved me is incredible.”

My friend, a middle school teacher, has a great story about remind101 that I would like to share.  When I told her about the new app being launched, she couldn’t wait to explore the features.  I asked her if she would do a brief write-up for my blog.  I knew her story would connect with many of my readers.

A middle school teacher’s story…
I started
using it [remind101] because there was a gap in the lack of communication between
myself as a busy teacher, my student and their parents. Sure, I saw
students everyday in class but after the bell rang at 4:00 or moreso on
the weekends, there was no way to communicate! 
changes, quiz questions, permission slips…all the small todos added
up, and it was taking a lot of my time. Being that I’m a teacher and a busy mom, time is limited. I’m sure other teachers
can resonate.
That’s why I enjoy using
remind101. It’s dead simple, literally took me 2 minutes to set up.
Also, the part I love the most is how easy it is for my students and
parents to signup. All have to do is opt in via text message. No
smartphone, no Internet connection, not computer.  On top of that, no
phone numbers are shared and they track all the message history.
I set an automatic schedule every other day at 3:30 so when the kids get home, they remember to study for the weekly quizzes.
a big fan of remind101-it saves me time, is safe and students love
it….in their own words “we get to communicate how we want, that’s
Oh yea, it’s 100% free!
Now Introducing…. Drum Roll Please…
remind101 App now available in iTunes
free. fast. safe. effective
I’m so excited to introduce this app to Kleinspiration friends because Brett, a personal friend, and his brother have been working hard to get this little project ready for teachers.  I’ve been working alongside Brett for the past several months to test the features while the product was in beta.  He even let me check out the sleek design of the app prior to launching – how fun!  I’m honored to have such innovative buddies in the Valley.  
On a side note… I have a few friends getting married this summer.  remind101 could also be a great app to quickly send out group texts to the bridal party!  — of course, they’re teachers… so this is totally related, right?  :-)

remind101 Description: (per iTunes)

Remind101 provides a safe way for
teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. It is
100% free and is used by over 200,000 teachers, students and parents to
send millions of messages every month.

*Message your entire class of students or parents in seconds.
*Teachers never see students’ phone numbers. Students never see theirs.
*Students and parents join by sending a text message. No computer needed.

*Revolutionized my approach to parent communication -Jessica D.
*Love it! Easy. Quick. Unique way of communicating with parents/students -Michael B.
*Communicating with a click from a mobile device is instant & saves me important teaching time! -Erin K.
*It has made a HUGE difference for many students in getting homework in on time -Craig N.
*Improved my students’ morale, behavior, AND grades! -Catherine F.

*Unlimited students or parents
*Unlimited text messages
*100% free
*No ads, ever.
*NBC. NPR. Huffington Post. Edutopia. Edweek.
*K-12, higher ed, coaches, principals…
You can click here to see how other teachers are using remind101!

Sign up for Kleinspiration updates by following the steps below:
You can set up as many groups as you’d like.  This way, it makes sending group texts so simple!  Hmmmm…. perhaps I could set up a Kleinspiration group?  As I’m thinking out loud and writing at the same time, I think this might be a fun idea.  How cool would it be to get automatic updates as soon as I launch a give-away, freebie, or hear about a workshop that has limited seats?  

Yes, I can’t wait to set this up for my class! 

First: sign up for a Free remind101 account: click here

Next: After you’ve signed up for an account, get the app

click play to view my short screencast on setting up an account
listen for bonus features in the video about freebies


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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

  1. Sheila,

    Awesome feedback! Brett, thank you for replying!!


    that is a great idea!

    Thanks everyone for your comments. :)


  2. I love this idea but wonder about people w/o texting plans that are charged 10 cents per text or whatever. I still know some people like that. I guess they would just have to choose to deal with the cost per week or opt out of the updates?

  3. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea! I've used Twitter to communicate with my students outside-of-class, but it's difficult to say anything privately that way. I started using Google Voice after that, and it's fine, but a little clunky for my tastes. I love that Remind101 doesn't give anyone's phone number (handy!) and is SUPER SIMPLE to set up.

    The only feature I wish Remind101 had was the ability for students/parents to text back. What if there's a follow-up question about something I message? They have to wait until the next day to tell me, and by then, they might forget. I guess for now, I'll stick with Twitter and Google Voice, but I'll be watching for updates on Remind101!
    ~Mrs. K.

  4. Hi Mrs. K,

    Thanks for the feedback and glad you think it's simple!

    We have many requests about enabling 2 way messaging but haven't for safety issues which is our # 1 concern. Some teachers love that they can't respond and some want students or parents to respond.

    We are trying our best to figure out a solution but no matter what safety is always #1.

    Would love to hear your feedback and open a conversation about this!

    cofounder, remind101

  5. Hi there,
    I saw this great idea on pinterest and I have two questions.
    First is does it cost the teacher for each text sent to each parent?
    I am from Australia and was wondering if this is available here?
    Jo Copland from Down Under.

  6. I like this idea. Personally, I have 67ish kiddos and I don't really want 67 parents to respond each time I send a reminder.

    Our school has an all-call system for school-related events, but I love this for homework reminders and such.

    Deniece, This Little Piggy Reads

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