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Introducing ClassDojo Messaging
Simple, positive communication with parents :)
A guest blog post by Sam Chaudhary, CEO and co-founder of ClassDojo
Just over a week ago, we announced that teachers have awarded over 1 billion pieces of feedback on the ClassDojo platform. This is a great milestone for us, and for all the wonderful ClassDojo teachers: in just two years, they’ve encouraged students 1 billion times for wonderful behaviors and habits, like hard work, teamwork, curiosity, grit, and participation. We’d always hoped to help students grow through positive feedback, and while it is still early days, we are really pleased to see teachers using ClassDojo to do that!
Our team’s mission is to connect teachers, parents and students to help students develop the behaviors they’ll need for success in school, and in life. The current version of ClassDojo being used by millions of teachers and students around the world was a good step towards that: by helping teachers improve behavior in their classrooms, teachers were helping students build these positive behaviors and character strengths at school. However, to really create change – as every teacher knows – school isn’t enough: we have to go beyond the walls of the classroom, to the home. And, we heard it loud and clear from our teacher friends: they knew, and research supports their view, that students perform better and learn faster when parents and teachers communicate more regularly.
Anyone who knows the ClassDojo team knows that we love teacher feedback, and take it very seriously. From day one, our team has been focused on helping teachers, parents and students solve the most pressing problems they face. ClassDojo has been built with thousands of conversations, Skype calls, Google Hangouts and classroom visits. So, we listened carefully when we found the teachers we spoke to were frustrated that there were no good existing solutions to easily and quickly engage parents beyond the classroom. After interviewing scores of teachers, we discovered almost all of them were looking for a simple yet powerful communication tool that would help them easily engage parents in a positive way. Teachers also had nuanced needs around simplicity and privacy – and above all, wanted to have easy, meaningful, positive interactions with parents. We set out to solve that problem on ClassDojo.
Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce a new feature: ClassDojo Messaging. ClassDojo Messaging – available on the ClassDojo iOS and Android apps – is the simplest, easiest way for teachers and parents to meaningfully communicate about students. There are two types of messages that teachers will be able to begin using immediately: ‘Broadcasts’ and ‘Direct Messages’: 
  • ‘Broadcast’ messages enable a teacher to quickly and easily send a message to all parents for any class. 
  • ‘Direct’ or ‘Private’ messages allows teachers and parents to message privately, keeping parents engaged and in the know.

There are a number of carefully designed features we’ve built into ClassDojo Messaging, but after having tested it with about 40 beta testers, we think there are two things in particular that we think you’ll love.
Firstly, we’ve included “Read Receipts” for all messages. These are essentially acknowledgements to teachers, that let them know when parents have seen or read a message. For teachers currently using emails, SMS, or even handwritten notes to communicate with parents, this should be really useful: no more wondering who’s received your message – you can now see that at a glance!
Secondly, we know that teachers and parents sometimes don’t like to share their contact details, like cell phone numbers and email addresses. With ClassDojo Messaging, teachers and parents don’t need to share any contact details: teachers simply provide parents with a unique parent code, and then they can easily begin to communicate via ClassDojo Messaging.
I hope that you’ll try out ClassDojo Messaging (even if you don’t use ClassDojo for giving students feedback): Messaging actually works without needing you to award positive behavior. The whole team is really excited about the meaningful conversations teachers and parents say they are now having because of this new feature — ones that were not possible or easy on other tools or in other contexts. These types of conversations will inevitably reduce the gap between the home and the school, helping students succeed in both environments!
To all Kleinspiration readers: find out more about ClassDojo Messaging, and get it now, by going to: !
Sam Chaudhary
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