Class Dojo: Ensuring Three-Way Learning Practise in Schools

As an educator, I have been asked many times which are the two most important prerequisites for effective learning in school. My answer is parent engagement and motivation. These factors are crucial for students in all grades. We need to apply practices that motivate students and engage parents. That’s where I strongly recommend Class Dojo! No wonder, I cannot help writing about this app.

class dojo

Turning classroom into community

As a rule, working parents always feel guilty that they cannot keep track of kids’ learning progress.  With a daytime job and all of the housework, it is sometimes difficult to set aside time and energy for getting involved in kids’ school.

Luckily, Class Dojo responded to the needs of working parents as it has enhanced communication with parents. It is a feature specially designed for keeping in touch with teachers directly.

Mom gets a classroom newsletter or a group picture showing how her kid is helping classmates in a group activity. Surely, she will find a second in the middle of the meeting to “heart” the post. Amazing, right? It is an effective platform for discussing big ideas and making parents a part of classroom happenings. Naturally, this type of communication is much better than applying old-fashioned methods, such as calls at the end of the week or monthly visits to school.

It is not just about communication. Class Dojo is the app that benefits both children and parents. There is no need to mention how important parent engagement is for children’s academic achievements. In fact, it is a reliable metric for student success. With this app, students show improved behavior, get higher grades and test scores.

Besides, kids feel valued by the fact that parents take an interest in their lives. This positive culture at school affects academic achievement and helps avoid behavioral issues.

Thus, Class Dojo makes the school a three-way partnership. Along with kids and their parents, teachers also benefit as they can bring tensions and concerns out in the open either privately with a single parent or with the whole classroom. Amazing!

Motivating the class

Motivation in school matters. Students have short attention spans and prefer to do everything later.  Besides, unmotivated students also find difficulty in grasping information. That said, motivation is undoubtedly the most effective factor for diligent work at school. Therefore, teachers need to plan some tricks and methods to engage kids. With Class Dojo it is so easy!

The app allows setting individual goals with kids and their parents. Then you give instant encouragement based on kids’ conduct. The kid, with the googly-eyed green monster-avatar opens the app and sees ha has been awarded with positive points for behaving well or demonstrating good skills. Motivating!

Students become more enthusiastic about learning, when they feel their work is appreciated. Why not apply this tool to encourage learning habits? After all, any educator enjoys teaching a class with motivated kids.

It’s not only about grading. The photo, video and messaging features of the app encourage students to strive for more knowledge and more appraisals. No wonder, it is the fastest growing technology applied in more than 180 countries. Teachers love this app since it encourages listening and respect.

To sum up, Class Dojo is the perfect app that creates effective collaboration with parents and contributes to kids’ academic achievement.


Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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