Creating Interactive Online Courses for Your Students with Versal

Everyone can be an expert at something. There is always a field you know well enough to teach others and there are always people interested in learning from you.  Thinking of sharing your knowledge online? Sometimes we all want to make interactive video lessons; still traditional digital means limit our options to posting blogs, videos and slide shares. After all, we are teachers, not programmers to apply coding.

That’s where I recommend Versal. It is an open publishing platform for anyone to create interactive online courses with no coding skills required. It’s the perfect app to take technology-driven strategies into the classroom.

Creating Interactive Online Courses for Your Students with Versal

Here is what I love most about Versal:

Dozens of interactive gadgets at hand

Versal doesn’t  limit you to text, video and images. It doesn’t have to be that way. Digitalized environment is designed for interactivity.   With Versal you can create 3D models, PDFs, slide shows and much more. Gadgets also let you design timelines, flashcards and diagrams. Teachers can create completely new exercises and assignments or use existing templates.  

So you are free to use your imagination to put together a wide variety of content types- from full courses to homework assignments, instructional materials or reading lists.

Creating Interactive Online Courses for Your Students with Versal

A trade-off between education and entertainment

The drastic rise in digital technology makes technology-rich learning experience a must and It is most effective when it actually engages students. In Versal the easy –to-use tech tools empower teachers’ to create fun and interactive course material that students love.  No wonder, the platform features over 1,000 interactive gadgets covering a wide variety of educational topics.

Versal is aa brilliant mixture of education and entertainment, or better to say – edutainment. There is no better way to get kids thinking. E.g. you need to teach them the relationship between height and speed. You can just engage them in “imitating” Olympic events, recording their speed in running and then studying their speed in relation to height. Sounds fun, right?

You need to teach weather related material? Versal has a simple solution for this task too. Students can plot the data through the map and make comparisons. Learning geography has never been so visual!

Collaboration boost

Promoting team work is another reason to opt for Versal app. All you need to do is to assign homework in the form of a project. Versal provides an online collaborative workspace to make virtual assignments. Students can collaborate with others on group projects or you can create in-class private “rooms” for them. The variety of drag-and-drop gadgets inspire students to make the most of available tools and deliver amazing results.

My favorite feature of this app is that students can take the course at their own pace. The ideas is to have every single student digest the material.

Creating Interactive Online Courses for Your Students with Versal

Developing life-long skills

In an educational era our kids need to develop critical thinking. This is essential for them to gain problem-solving and innovating skills for the future. It is an important feature of Versal. Its virtual platform helps students develop essential research skills and critical thinking.
To sum up, Versal helps students gain knowledge that will serve them beyond school walls. It’s a new way for people to create interactive online learning experiences and share with others, empowering students to explore and think out of the box.


Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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