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I am SO excited to share my FAVORITE new site with you… GoNoodle!  My kids L.O.V.E it!!  I first found out about it from a friends who shared it on his blog.  He raved about how much his fifth grade students were enjoying it.  So, I had to try it out for myself.  I couldn’t believe it.  He was right… this was one of the most amazing sites I had stumbled upon in a while.

GoNoodle is a the top of my list because it is a big WIN for the kids.  I know a site, game, app, program, curriculum, project, or activity really becomes a success when the kids buy in and enjoy it.  GoNoodle is also free and easy to use.  Those two aspects are very important for me.  It was super easy to get started and continues to be just as easy to use each day.  It is changing the way we transition from activities and how my kids focus and participate during lessons.  Simply amazing!  All I have to do is select the brain break we need and then the brief video begins to play.  The video is a guide that demonstrates exactly what the kids are expected to do.  They instantly begin to follow along.

Music, dancing, characters, fun, fitness, and more – could it get any better?  Apparently it can because it is FREE!  We’ve had a challenging winter this year in Michigan as I know many of you have in your states.  The constant cold temperatures kept us indoors several days at a time.  We used several of the energize brain breaks before we would start a lesson that I knew would require a period of sitting.  We would follow it up with a calming brain break.  Both videos only took about 3 – 6 minutes (depending on which ones we selected).  Let me just tell you… it was a total hit!  As soon as we logged into our account, the children were greeted by our Class Champ!  …and during lessons, students were eager to participate and had the stamina to sit nicely during instruction.  Therefore, everyone’s level of focus was enhanced!

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So what are you waiting for?  Try GoNoodle N-O-W!

Signing up for GoNoodle literally takes a few seconds.  You just need to click here or on the image below.  Once you’re on the GoNoodle site, click the “sign up for free” button.  Just fill out your name, email, and school information.  Then, you’ll be all set!  It takes about 30 seconds.  You’ll LOVE exploring the numerous brain breaks.  I’d love to know what you and your kids think about GoNoodle.  Please leave a comment and share!


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