Get The Most Out of Classroom Quizzes With Quizalize

An educator’s foremost mission is to provide profound knowledge to every single student in the classroom. To accomplish this task, we must perceive keeping track of each student’s academic success as our greatest responsibility. Indeed, many students in classroom need additional help from us. The challenge is to be there to help them.

This is the main concept of Quizalize. The app teaches various subjects through engaging educational quizzes. Its distinguishing feature is that visualized graphs show which students need teachers’ help and what improvement each student has recorded.

Here are the main features of the app:


A personal tutor for each kid

At Quizalize, everything starts with simply entering name and the class code in website. As students start answering quizzes, the app awards them with points. After every answer, Quizalize gives them feedback. They see the total score at the end of the quiz.

In case students record academic success, the app praises them and gives a prioritized list of what to practice next. According to founders, it is like giving a cheat sheet for getting more game points.

Kids see how long it took them to solve the quiz and what was the highest point they achieved. A good motivation for them to strive for better results!

Comprehensive student reports

At Quizalize, teachers get individual student reports indicating what information students completely digested, as well as which students need further practice.  This is the right time for teachers to intervene. Along with in-class assignments, teachers can also create new quizzes to boost full comprehension. By clicking “+New Quiz”, teachers can add images, mention timing for each question and explanations.   To make it easy, they can create tags to distinguish each question when sorting students’ results.

As students start practicing, the app shows their improvement over time and each kid’s earlier attempts at the same activity.

To show how confident kids are about their knowledge, the app also provides data on how long it took kids to answer each question.


 Boosting team games in classroom

Team games are also available in the app. Teachers can divide the classroom into groups and set timing for each question.

To turn it into a real team work, the app gives no information on the performance of each team member. The overall result of the team is what matters. With team members answering questions anonymously, kids feel no anxiety of being embarrassed because of wrong answers.

Thanks to final discussions after completing the quiz, each and every student grasps the lesson.

During long years of educational expertise, I myself applied a number of “game show” classroom tools to make my classes engaging for kids. Some of them proved to be effective, while others merely entertained the classroom. One thing is certain- high quality quizzes are truly engaging the classroom. Naturally, it becomes much effective when you have assessment tools at hand.

To sum up, Quizalize is a handy tool for adding flavor to standard quizzes and assessing kids.




Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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