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Language Arts File Folder Games To Go
I was very excited when Jim contacted me to partner with him through the great resources at Homeroom Teacher.  This site has many must have items and essential goodies for classroom teachers.  You’ll notice on their home page that everything is neatly organized by subject, grade level, or category.  The website is easy to navigate and includes great images to see the products they offer.  Plus, they offer many items at 70% off – what a deal!  I recommend clicking here and taking a peak at their activities and supplies.
What I Chose:
When Jim gave me the green light to select anything from the store, I was so excited to shop!  I’m thrilled to share my shopping treasure with you, The Language Arts File Folder Games To Go.  You can click here and see the product on Homeroom Teacher, too.  
After looking at the different grade levels, even though I teach second grade, I thought the third grade file folder packs would best suit my class needs.  You can look at the grade level file folder packs here: File Folder Games To Go (math and language arts)
*Be sure to check out their math file folder games, too!
From the photo below, you can see that the product arrives as three components: 
  1. the red, durable pocket chart (holds ten file folders)
  2. the language arts skills packet (6 folder games neatly packaged in a clear zip bag with handle)
  3. the phonics skills packet (6 folder games neatly packaged in a clear zip bag with handle)

I love how the product is organized and includes the nice bag to store the file folder games.

Third Grade Language Arts File Folder Games To Go
What is Included:
Inside the third grade language arts skills pack, you will find the following six, brightly colored and engaging file folder games:
– singular and plural
– dipthongs
– synonyms and antonyms
– prefixes and suffixes
– fact or opinion
– parts of speech

You also receive six phonics skill file folder games.

– double consonants
– different sounds for the letters ch
– different sounds of the letters th
– vowel digraphs with the letter r
– silent letters
– syllables

Each set of file folders comes in a durable, clear plastic carrying bag with a handle.

You also receive the pocket chart to store your file folder games!  This narrow charts is a space saver.

12 games + pocket chart = $50.99 or you can purchase 6 games without the chart for $17.99.

If you purchase the set with the chart, you get all 12 skill games (phonics and language arts).  When you purchase the games without the set, you choose if you want the phonics games or the language arts games.  Personally, I recommend getting the set.  This way, you get all 12 games and the pocket chart to neatly store and organize your activities.

A closer look inside the file folder games:

When you open up each file folder, you immediately notice how organized and fun the game is for students!  When I bring this activity to school, I will laminate each answer sheet.  Then, I will cut out each sorting card from the activity sheet and place them neatly in an  envelope.  I’ll keep the envelope inside of the corresponding file folder that it goes to.  This way, all of the game pieces remain with each game.  Of course, I’ll label each envelope to match the title of the file folder. 

An Added Bonus:

I appreciate how each pack includes a basic information sheet for
teachers with a chart to quickly assess student progress on each skill.
Additionally, each pack contains skill sheets for accountability and assessment.
How to get your own File Folder Games To Go:
  • click here to view: All Grade Level Games for Language Arts & Math
  • click here to view: 3rd Grade Language Arts File Folder Games (featured in this post)

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