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Two Words for You….
Brain Tower
 What is it?

An educational game that builds similar to Jenga but allows you to write on it and erase as well. Adrianne at KidsCogWorks sent me a game for me to try out at home. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was so excited when I opened the package.  It’s very cute, and also an effective teaching tool.   
Each block has an eraseable fit about practicing sight words, you could write them on these blocks and it becomes something fun. No more dreadful whining!
Brain Tower has so many possibilities. Here’s just a few that I can think of:
  • Reading: sight words, phonics, rhyming words
  • Vocabulary: any subject
  • Math: addition, subtraction, fractions, algebra
  • Science: terminology
  • History: facts, names and dates
  • Party games: action phrases, truth or dare

There are many more ways than the ones I’ve listed. Adrianne has a page on her blog where you can submit ways you have thought of playing Brain Tower. Another great thing about this game is you could use it in centers, one on one, tutoring…maybe even homework time.

The Best Part…

Adrianne wants everyone to be able to have one in their classroom. She is currently giving away two games to Teaching Blog Addict readers who sign up through her blog, and you can also order one from her blog shop, and she will give you 15% off if you do the following very simple 3 things for her.

1. Facebook, Twitter, or Blog about Brain Tower. 
2. Subscribe to her Newsletter
3. Follow her blog.

Very simple.  Write about it (you could even RT the tweet that comes from this post), subscribe, and follow. 

Check out her video here on my blog and then head on over to  KidsCogWorks  to get your own Brain Tower today. I know you’ll love it because I do too.

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  1. Good question, Brain Tower is created with the intention of being used repeatedly, for different subjects, and has special erasable markers. When I saw your comment, I tried to write on a couple of Jenga blocks (first with a dry erase, then with an erasable) Both seemed to come off, but not as easily, and also appeared that they would stain over time. Brain Tower was created to provide a fun learning experience with little cleanup.

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