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Using GoNoodle Brain Breaks for

Motivation and Classroom Engagement

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GoNoodle is one of my favorite new sites I’ve ever shared on Kleinspiration. I love it for many reasons. However, the main reason I enjoy sharing this resource with my readers is because my students love it and I’ve seen the benefits. Granted, there are many things in life that benefit children, but they don’t see the value. This is different – it’s beneficial and kids love it!

What is GoNoodle?

GoNoodle is a free resources anyone can use to encourage a healthy lifestyle in a fun way by allowing users to participate in brief brain-breaks throughout the day.

Simply set up a free account (click here) and begin the fun! Select the video you’d like to move to and begin dancing and making your brain happy!

How does the site work?

Classes get to select a brain-break video from a vast archive of entertaining segments. Click play and

begin your break. Once you’re video is finished, your class gets to see their “Class Champ” grow. They simply LOVE this part.

The Class Champ is chosen by your class. Think of this as your class mascot. Fun, right?

Why is this so successful?

From the Teacher…

The research indicates that children need frequent brain-breaks throughout the day. Some studies have even shown that children need transitions between activities every 15 – 20 minutes. The reason for this is that as children sit for too long, the blood isn’t flowing throughout their body as efficiently as it would be as if they were moving. Thus, the more children are moving around, the healthier it is for their brains. Besides, physical activity is an important element of proper child development.

Though the research supports promoting GoNoodle, I’m a big believer in common sense. Let me try it. If it works, then it’s a keeper! Seeing my students start to “zone-out” after an intense lesson, I decided to give GoNoodle a try. It was a smash!!! They LOVED it, and so did I. Instantly, they were able to get their wiggles out, move around a bit, laugh together, and calm back down to refocus for the next academic task. It was magical. I especially loved that the entire process (having students stand, finding a video, playing and doing the brain break, and having students sit back down) took less than five minutes. The gains were tremendous.

While we did get all of the benefits of a brain-break, we also gained something else. My students were laughing and smiling together. This was priceless.

From the Student…

“Mrs. Klein, can we do another?” was the overwhelming response after our first GoNoodle brain break. My kids had so much fun being able to have fun together. I had fun watching and participating alongside the class.

They were so motivated to do the academic tasks that followed the brain break. They felt refreshed and looked to be refocused. It was inspiring for me as a teacher to see this level of motivation and participation in the lessons that followed each brain break. I think an added bonus was that we were building community within our class each time we’d do a brain break together. There’s truly something positive to be said for being able to have fun and laugh together as a group. This made my class so much more willing to take risks, answer questions, ask questions, and encourage deeper discussions. They were so motivated in each learning task we did.

Student engagement was enhanced through the use of these brain breaks as well. I could tell that my children were more willing to participate, felt more comfortable with one another, and became more confident in the topics we were discussing. Their focus and attention appeared to be redirected towards the learning objectives and tasks at hand. Students were collaborating with one another in a more open manner and beginning to push each other’s thinking. They loved the energy these brain breaks were bringing to our learning environment.

Wow – How Generous of GoNoodle!

GoNoodle is hosting a ton of amazing give-aways for teachers! I’m so excited to share the wonderful prizes they are offering to each of you. For Kleinspiration readers, they’re giving away a GoNoodle T-Shirt. You can enter to win below this post!

Be sure to also HOP ON OVER to Amanda’s blog at One Extra Degree. She’s hosting a fabulous prize, too! Plus, she has a wonderful site that I’m sure you’re going to love checking out.

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