Guest Post by Robert Williams: Blackboard – Learning Management System

Blackboard Learn – The Newest trend in Online Learning Management System

The age-old saying “No Pain No Gain” stands minus the relevance in today’s modern age of advanced
communication and computing technology, most essentially in the world of education. The saying now
with a twist is stated it to be “No Pain All Gain.” With the education world witnessing a revolutionary
change in the face of online learning, tech enthusiasts and innovators are continuously working to make the process of learning through online simpler and easier.

As, I was browsing the Internet to find out information focusing upon the different learning
management systems that are making a mark in the online world of education, I stumbled upon the
site in particular. Kleinspiration is a wonderful site that posts recent
updates and latest news marking a change in the world of e-learning. As, I crawled through the blog
site, I was introduced to some of the latest learning management systems in the world. This find rather
intrigued me to explore the online learning tools focusing upon the Blackboard Learn Platform.

Introduction of a number of online tools made students and learners think in a different dimension,
as with simplest solutions was witnessed big revolution. Until some decade back, learning through
blackboard signified the traditional way chalking down notes and solutions in the blackboard to help
the students. Fast forward to the present age and you will land in the world of the newest application
of Blackboard Learnâ„¢. This online learning tool, which has come up as a great learning management
system for Distance Learning facilitates both the students and teachers to connect and communicate

Exploring Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learnâ„¢ is an online learning tool that is designed to facilitate the higher education institutes offering distance learning all across the globe. It can be referred to as a complete and comprehensive tech platform that is facilitated with support staffs and programs to help you attain your goals.

It is an open web based learning and teaching platform helping in engaging and assessing a
learner in and beyond the classroom.

It is a family integrated application providing a combined environment for learning, teaching,
knowledge-sharing, communicating, and researching.

Well, how does it help learning is a potential question that might be asked by you and answered by
me –

The learning technology of Blackboard Learnâ„¢ is like a breath of fresh air into the dampened walls of
traditional learning. It is believed to make learning more effective by empowering the instructors with
powerful learning tools for the students.

This online learning platform aims to make learning more engaging. It is all about bringing a right set of tools for delivering an effective learning experience, reaching out to all devices, anywhere in the world.

Blackboard Learn Platform helps the learning technology in the following aspects –

Teaching and Learning

Community Building

Content Management and Sharing

Community driven experience

Commitment to ongoing improvement

Your partner from start to finish

A brainchild of the public company Blackboard, the online learning platform has been embraced with
open arms throughout a number of educational institutes all across the globe. The company works
with its clients with an aim of implementing technology to enhance and improve the various aspects of

The Blackboard Learn platform has already been implemented in higher educational institutes,
corporations, K12 schools, government agencies, and business houses to deliver education and training more effectively. The learning platform is simultaneously used both in and beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Blackboard Learnâ„¢ platform perfectly blends the activities of engagement and assessment in a single
open platform that includes content management, community engagement, course delivery, and

Now, this is what is called an evolution in the online world of education!

A few words from Erin…
Robert, Thank you for providing our readers with information on Blackboard as a Learning Management System.  I encourage our readers to check out your site on distance learning by clicking here.
I’m very excited about learning management systems.  Along with Blackboard, a few of my favorites are listed below:
Click Here to View More information – my TBA Post (and see a great video)! 

How can you create videos? Check out TechSmith – click here!


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  1. I complete agree with you Mr, Solo. Now Skype and this type of other software makes learning style more easy and effective but i think those methods are not compatible and patent. But Black board style learning is safe easy and patent …
    Vertical Jump Bible

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