Hi, I’m a Textbook and I’m a Tablet

My students are super excited because our district has purchased iPads for a few of our classrooms next year. Two of my boys put together a commercial to showcase their excitement to embrace this fantastic technology addition to our school. One of their friends, along with my husband, helped to create the following product. Enjoy!

Please leave a comment for the boys to let them know what you thought. They’re super excited to get feedback. Thanks so much!

Also, they are ‘the YouTube’ generation and would love to have you ‘click here‘ to add a view to the YouTube page. Thanks – I love my PLN! Hugs!!


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  1. How adorable! Love the pluto comment. They are entertaining and should go into showbiz. Sorry textbook, I'm a big fan of Mr. Tablet!

    -Tasha Candela

  2. Great job, boys. You had some really funny points. One of my favorites was when Tablet said that textbook had interesting information, like about Obama's election, etc.–things that textbooks can never keep up on. Very well-written and good acting. I love Mr. Textbook's clothes. Keep it up sharing your genius with the world!

    Mrs. Krebs

  3. So timely and on-point. The dialog effectively highlighted the differences between old-fashioned texts and current information today. The actors did a great job with their parts! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very well done guys. I think you nailed it on the head by pointing out the inability of textbooks to update. I will probably use this as an example of a high-quality student created video. It didn't look like you were reading lines, you kept your eyes on each other or the camera, and your speaking was very clear and understandable. Keep up the good work!

  5. What a great movie. I love the way you have done the comparison. Excellent work – I will be showing my students in Melbourne Australia this.

  6. Terrific! Very creative, guys! Maybe you can help sell other school districts on investing in tablets instead of texts. I'll be watching for more commercials from you, you future marketing moguls!

  7. I loved the video, guys! You made some wonderful points.

    I wonder if there's an app so I could use a tablet to scrape my window? 😉

  8. Great video! I would like to see tablets replace the textbooks in my classroom someday, soon! You do a great job of showing why that would be a good idea.

  9. Loved your video! Great points and awesome acting. Congrats, Bradley & Jarod! You've been doing an amazing job, Erin. Keep on!!! I'm looking forward to using your ad with my students in Brazil. 😉

  10. Fantastic job boys! Great dialogue!
    I did a similar project with my students a few years ago. They used our school virtues as the subject of videos. For example, one student might be "joy" and another "misery" It was a lot of fun.

  11. Awesome job, Boys! I plan on using your video as inspiration for my students! Your creativity and sense of humor is unmatched. Keep up the great work!

  12. Thank you all so much for your great comments, support, and sharing of this video.

    Those that have linked sites, thanks! I love finding new great websites!!

    I appreciate all of your feedback so very much!!

    Erin Klein

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