How EduKids Connect Systems Increases Productivity in Early Ed Classrooms

As an elementary teacher and a mom of two school kids, I usually have too many things to do and tasks to accomplish within a 24 hour day. So I can’t afford being disorganized and unproductive, as you might imagine. I try to keep up with new edtech solutions as well as personal productivity tools to stay on top of my work both at home and at school. And since I am a parent myself, I have the privilege of seeing both sides of the coin and better understanding the motives, concerns and problems of both parents and teachers. That being said, I am always thrilled to try and test new edtech solutions that address the issues of productivity and parental engagement in classrooms. Whenever these tools prove to be really great I share them with you. And today I would like to tell you about EduKids Connect Systems.


How EduKids Connect Systems Increases Productivity in Early Ed Classrooms

First things first!

What is EduKids Connect Systems?

As the name suggests, this is an educational tool that helps improve parental engagement and saves a lot of time for teachers letting them focus more on spending quality time with children. This tool is perfect for early childhood schools and programs, day cares, education centers, even babysitters and special needs programs.

EduKids Connect is basically a mobile and web application with an easy-to-use, simple user interface both for parents and teachers.

What are the benefits for teachers?

Teachers have a multitude of tools with EduKids and all in a single app! Some of the most important features that teachers will use daily are;

  • Attendance.

Easily keep track of children’s attendance by recording exactly who checked the child in/out and at what time, mark the sick days and vacation days.

How EduKids Connect Systems Increases Productivity in Early Ed Classrooms

  • Meals.

Record meals, including types of meals (breakfast, snacks, lunch and formula for little ones), times, amounts of meals and sources (brought from home or a customizable school menu).

  • Activities.

Capture all school activities in an organized way by inputting AM and PM activities, mentioning the type (free play, outdoor, circle-time dance, etc).

  • Naps.

Record how much each of the kids has napped during the day by recording the start and end of each nap.

  • Potty.

You can also record potty and diaper changes and timings for each child, something that a lot of parents are anxious about, especially during transition to potty.

  • Notes.

Write and record notes for children for the activities they did and the learnings they had for that day including comments from therapists.

  • Photos & Videos.

Keep parents engaged and informed of what their little ones are doing and showcase their progress through photos and videos, which you capture and easily share within EduKids Connect app.

  • Reminders.

Send individual reminders and notes to parents through the app and make sure kids always have everything they need at school.

On top of this, teachers will also have access to daily reports and all of this with 0 paperwork and with maximum productivity!
How EduKids Connect Systems Increases Productivity in Early Ed Classrooms

What are the benefits for parents?

As a parent or guardian, you want to make sure that your kids are taken good care of at school, that they learn and make progress. So it’s important to stay in touch with teachers on daily basis in a quick and easy way. All of this and more is available through EduKids Connect.

  • Instant notifications. Receive messages and notes from teachers any time there’s something important they need to share.
  • Daily summaries. Receive daily activity summaries on your email and see what your kids have been up to all day.
  • Photos and videos. Download photos to share with family and friends.
  • Digital Materials. Easily access program materials, parent handbook, menus, curriculum info, progress reports etc.

How EduKids Connect Systems Increases Productivity in Early Ed Classrooms

Who else will benefit from EduKids Connect?


Running a school or any educational institution is quite hard work and it involves tracking and monitoring a lot of complicated data. To ease this burden EduKids Connect has a quick view dashboard where directors can have a glance at the school’s collective data, track room-by-room attendance in real-time, send emails and documents to parents, and manage finances.
How EduKids Connect Systems Increases Productivity in Early Ed Classrooms

How EduKids Connect Works?

To start off with EduKids Connect you can first sign up for a demo to get a feel of how the tool will work for your school and teaching environment or you can contact EduKids directly to get a personalized consultation.

Like I said, EduKids Connect is an app, so to run the app you will obviously need a mobile device. For schools, it is recommended to have an iPad at hand to capture all the fun going on in the classroom and be able to work on the go. As for the parents, an email address is needed to receive daily summaries of their child’s activities and any ios device to use the app and access their child’s information. The app is FREE for parents and available on App Store. Currently there is only iOS app available and Android is coming soon, but don’t worry, Android users can still take advantage of Edukids Connect in two ways: access the Edukids Connect Systems website either via their desktop computer or their phone.

Make sure to follow EduKids Connect on Facebook or Twitter to stay tuned with their news and updates.

Overall, I think this is a great tool for early education centers as it has everything you need to create a productive, engaged and connected classroom experience.



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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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