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About the Author, Bruce Littlefield and his dog, Westminster

Best-selling author Bruce Littlefield is an arbiter of American fun. Hailed as a “lifestyle authority” by The New York Times, he shares his finds on NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s Early Show, and ABC’s The View. He is the author of Airstream Living, Garage Sale America, Merry Christmas America, and co-writer of the best-selling Shark Tales with ABC Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran. Nothing makes him happier than his pal, Westminster. Visit Bruce
Discovered on Valentine’s Day in a rescue van outside the Westminster Dog Show, Westminster is a talented Frisbee catcher, deer chaser, and game player. His daily walk with his rubber chicken entertains the locals. He has appeared on NBC’s Today Show and the CBS Early Show, as well as in publications such as The New York Times and This Old House Magazine. This is his first book.
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A Little Extra about this Book…

You can click here to visit their homepage and preview pages from the book.
Did I mention… Bruce personally autographed our give-away books?  How cool!
I must admit, my daughter now LOVES reading to our two dogs: Lexi and Sydney.  
I’ve also brought this book into my classroom.  My second grade students are so excited to read to their dogs.  Talk about reading motivation!  The extra oral reading improves so many skills for early literacy.  Reading truly is a magical and enjoyable experience, and I’m so happy to have a resource that enforces this for children.  Our class even wants to use a ‘Bucketfiller Celebration’ party to host a ‘Pajama Day.’  We are thinking about bringing in our stuffed doggies to school to read to all day!  I’m hoping to get a surprise guest doggie in for the day, too.  What a special book – thanks Bruce!

August 22, 2011 –The Bedtime Book for Dogs is the first children’s book of its kind: Adopting a recent University of California School of Veterinary Medicine study that shows children who read to their pets improve their reading skills up to 30% faster than those who don’t, author Bruce Littlefield has created a book that allows kids to experience a fun and novel way to learn: by, literally, reading to their dogs. 
“My dog Westminster gave me the idea for the book,” says Littlefield. â€œOne day as I was working on another book project, he tapped me on the leg with his paw.  When I asked the typical questions: ‘Outside? Toy? Treat?’ there was no response, but when I asked, ‘You want me to write you a book?’ he wagged his tail enthusiastically.  It was an ‘aha!’ moment.”
The Bedtime Book for Dogs tells an entertaining tale that children and parents alike will enjoy: a dog decides to take himself for a walk and discovers that life is not as fun without a friend along But this is a children’s book that dogs will find joy in listening to as well. Littlefield tailored the book to pique the interest of a furry friend by filling it with vocabulary and images dogs respond to. “I thought through every aspect of the book–from dogs favorite words to the colors used in the illustrations.  I incorporated lots of green and blue, as dogs see most vividly in those colors,” he explains.
The best part of The Bedtime Book for Dogs? Its unquestionable ability to boost a child’s reading skills and self-assurance. Researchers have found multiple reasons for the vast improvement that comes with reading to pets, including an animal’s tolerant and loving nature. According to University of California lead study researcher Martin Smith, â€œThe dogs, in contrast to a human, don’t judge the individual, aren’t grading the individual, and hopefully that allows the children to build some confidence in their reading skills.” At the completion of Smith’s study, 75 percent of the parents reported that their children read aloud more frequently and with greater confidence (Pat Bailey, UC Davis).
The Bedtime Book for Dogs is available for purchase through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and many local bookstores. For more information, please visit The Bedtime Book for Dogs website (, or follow Bruce Littlefield on Facebook and Twitter (@brucelitlefield).


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