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Teacher Lesson Planners: Custom Built Just for You!

By best friend and colleague, Cierra, couldn’t believe when I told her that I had never heard of Erin Condren. She told me I had to go home that night and check out her designs. She even text me that evening to make sure I’d remember. Cierra knows me well – even my obsessive compulsive tendencies. That’s why she found it so hard to believe that I had never stumbled upon this resource, especially considering how much time I spend online and on Pinterest.

Finding the Perfect Planner:

Well, I’m now the proud owner of an awesome Erin Condren teaching planner. I couldnt be more in love with a planner. People often ask how I balance being a mom, teaching, eduBlogger for Kleinspiration and Scholastic along with several other sites I guest post for, presenter, author (I’m currently working on two books to be published next year), and owner of four super cute pets! My blessing and my curse is my diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I’m the girl that makes to-do lists for my to-do lists. I can also tell if anything in my home or classroom has ever been touched for everything is on exact parallel lines with the objects that share the same plane. My husband jokes with me because he thinks it’s funny that I still use a paper planner for as techy as I am. As much as I try to explain, he doesn’t seem to understand that I have to ‘see my items’ and be able to scratch them off, move sticky notes around, and stuff papers in certain places. A few of my friends thought it was hilarious this year at ISTE when they saw the planner I put together made from a composition notebook. I couldn’t find a planner that worked for me, so I made one. It took way too long and didn’t look that great. Thankfully, Cierra introduced me to Erin Condren Designs.

Reviewing the Erin Condren Teaching Planner:

I reached out to Erin Condren through her site asking if I could review a planner in exchange for one to trial. They gifted me a certificate so that I could build my own planner through their site. I went all out. I added extra pages, more checklists, additional clear sleeves, an extra notepad and more. Needless to mention, the price tag was costly. However, in my opinion, one can’t put a price on organization. For me, I’d pay a fortune to keep my mind at peace and stay organized. It is the difference for me being sane and not. I’ll admit though, with the high price tag, I’m not sure (without seeing the planner first) that I’d spend my own money for as picky as I am about planners. That’s why I’m glad I got to test one out through a review before deciding to spend my own money on one. I can honestly say that each year, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend my own money to purchase a planner. I’m quite happy with the product I received. Please watch my full video review below to see the entire planner.

My Favorite Parts and my Wishes:

In past years, I had a planner for home and a planner for teaching. I’d get frustrated when I would leave one at school or at home. That was one more reason my husband would tell me that I needed to go digital. I tried, but I just couldn’t make it work. Now, I keep my entire life in this one planner. I use the calendar pages for my family planning and the lesson pages for my school planning.

Now that my planner is set up, life is good. It did take me a while to enter the dates I needed. As I’ve started using it more, I wish that the lesson planner pages went beyond the M-F spots. As you can see above, there is an area for you to write in each day of the five day week. However, I do a lot of my planning on the weekends. I also tutor on the weekends. So, it would be nice, in my opinion, to have a smaller M-F space but to add a Saturday and Sunday row. I’m sure one would tell me that I could use the calendar pages in the front for that, but again… I’m picky. I like keeping the calendar pages strictly for family obligations.

My favorite parts are the year at a glance pages up front, the clear sleeves in the back, and the folder pockets in the back. With other planners, I’d have pages sticking out and falling out. Now, I can keep everything contained and neat. It makes me very happy! I also have a lot of travel obligations. I use the “Year at a Glance” pages to track all of my professional development. I really appreciate being able to just flip to this section and see all of my PD spread over the two pages in an organized way. Of course, you could use these pages for anything. I actually wish there were two sets of year at a glance pages. I would use one for my PD and one for the special reoccurring events that happen within our school year (like field trips, assemblies, activities, and projects). However, now, I’m using the graph paper to tract the yearly activities within our school. So, I sort of made my own… but it’s not as pretty as I’d like.

Overall, I encourage you to watch the full video above to see if this is a tool that would work for your organization and planning. I love my new planner. I’ve chatted with several friends on Twitter that also use Erin Condren planners. They have all been very happy with theirs as well.

The Planners are for EVERYONE!


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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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