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IXL: New Writing Pad Feature

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my good friends from IXL while I was keynoting the awesome state technology conference in Nebraska, NETA.  I stopped by their booth to say hello.  That’s when I found out about one of their newest features, the interactive writing pad that is build directly in the app so that students can do their computations without having to search for scrap paper or even worse… guess.  
Students simply need to tap the blue “scribble” in the lower left corner to expand the writing pad tools.  Once they do this, they’re able to use their iPad as an interactive dry erase board to show their thinking.  

Using IXL for Free:
IXL offers various math support and language arts support for learners at different grade levels.  Even if you don’t subscribe to their paid service, you can still use IXL for free.  When you use it for free, you are able to access twenty questions per day.  This free version is perfect for those that may tutor children or work with a small group.  Additionally, if you’re looking for an extension activity for enrichment for those students that always finish early, the free version of IXL may be the perfect fit for this situation.  Higher students could work a grade level or two above or stay at the same grade level and work on skills that may preview the next unit.  I’ve often found they love the challenge.  Prior to receiving the paid version of IXL, we used the free version of IXL at home with both of my children.  The quick twenty questions was just right for extra home practice.  
IXL is also a free app.  However, children can also access the site via their computer, too.  This product is web and app based. 
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Disclaimer: IXL is a sponsor of Kleinspiration.  


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  1. We got an IXL math subscription this year and my kids were OB. SESSED. We had a grade level ipad cart that we used for the kids to go on IXL and it was so easy for them to navigate! It will be great to actually have it for an entire year next year to see how far my kiddos can go.

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