Love Your Teeth! Toothbrushing Made Fun!

Can brushing your kid’s teeth and taking them to the dentist actually be fun? 

Parents know that a lifetime of effective oral health care habits start with brushing daily as a child. provides a fun, free, and non-commercial teeth brushing chart for anyone to use to help motivate children to have good brushing habits. The LoveYourTeeth tool allows you to print a chart customized with your childs name that is more than just a traditional behavior chart. Children can track their progress every day on their special chart, all the while working towards completing the chart and winning a “prize”. The greatest prize of course, is healthy teeth and a solid foundation for a lifetime of wellness.

You can see it in action here.

Teachers can get involved too, as there are charts available for an entire classroom which can be personalized for student, classroom, or school.

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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

  1. I couldn't agree with you more. Tracking and teaching kids about proper tooth and tongue brushing should be fun. I great song makes it stick even better. Veggies and fruit make your teeth happy too. Thanks for the post.
    Ms. Dawn, aka The Singing Nurse

  2. Periodontal disease is a disease of the teeth socket. Periodontal disease causes gum problems, infection, inflammation, and tenderness. If left untreated rampant germs will make periodontal pockets and also damage healthy bone tissue. However, only recently have we recognized that the chronic inflammation caused by periodontal disease can really affect the overall body. Periodontal disease causes reddish, swollen and also tender gums, receding gums, bleeding, pain and bad breath. The evidence that periodontal disease will cause the cancer is unproven and is in dispute.

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  3. A compelling teeth brushing chart can help you teach and encourage these little children practice good oral hygiene. It will be the first step to becoming a responsible person in the future when it comes to hygiene. Furthermore, dental caries and decays can also be prevented.

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  4. I agree with the previous comments. It is a good idea to create a very compelling chart to make your children more inspired in brushing their teeth. This will also practice them to become a very responsible individuals who give dental hygiene more importance.

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  5. In order for your child to practice good and proper dental care, you need to teach them the right and the appropriate methods. A Tooth Brushing Chart can be used as a guide. It is essential to create a compelling chart which will give the eagerness to the child to do proper dental practice.

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  6. It is always a good practice to include your children during your dental care. You need to be a responsible role model to encourage them cleaning their own teeth. A compelling chart is indeed a big help. dc cosmetic dentist

  7. I was able to check on the website and I think it is a very effective resource to encourage your kids to brush their teeth. Their is no better prize than a healthy teeth and a solid foundation for a lifetime of wellness.

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  8. Teaching children how to brush their teeth can be tedious but fun as well. It's hard to encourage some children. You need to have a good convincing power to let them do the task. It is a good idea to use reward system in encouraging your children. A compelling chart will also do a little trick.

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  9. Aside from the fact the teeth brushing helps a lot, it is also an imperative for every parent to watch out the food that the children are eating. Sweets like chocolates and cakes may cause tooth decays and dental caries. It is indeed an important thing to teach them proper oral care in their early childhood days. cheap orthodontics

  10. One of the benefits of tooth brushing charts is that kids get to talk about it when they get to school and compare their charts with their friends. It's fun because my Fort Mill dentist says it's one of the effective ways to motivate kids to brush their teeth properly.

  11. With so many fruit-flavored toothpaste in the market now, it's just so difficult to pick which one will work the trick to make kids enjoy brushing. It's always a good thing to get advise from your west columbia dentist to ensure that you get more value in your pocket on top of the fun that your kids will have.

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  14. I have drink a lot of coffee and it’s hard to keep my teeth from staining… I wish I would’ve seen this first because I think I tried 1,000 things before I finally found something that worked for me.

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  15. Fluoride toothpaste is essential in strengthening and protecting enamel, and should be used as soon as your child is able to spit. Once the enamel is gone, it cannot be re-grown, and a cavity is likely to form. Cavities can cause your child great pain, and if left alone, may result in him or her losing the. Best cosmetic dentist in Baltimore

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