My Go-To Vocabulary Practice Tool: Spelling City

As an educator, I strongly believe school has a crucial role in developing cognitive skills in students. As such, kids’ receptive and expressive language skills are of primary importance. During these years of teaching, I experimented a number of ways to enrich my students’ vocabulary. Luckily, I’m looking no further since I found Vocabulary Spelling City.

The app offers game-based learning program for vocabulary, spelling, phonics, writing and language arts. Students love it as it involves a range of fun learning activities.

Here is what I love most about Vocabulary Spelling City.

vocabulary spelling city

Active teaching mode on

Vocabulary is not a rocket science. That’s why it is the greatest mistake when educators perceive it as a formal lesson. I believe simply writing down and repeating write down word definitions is an ineffective teaching strategy as passive learning has no place in this process.

For a long time I couldn’t think of any effective strategies to make learning words an exciting activity for my students. Today thanks to Spelling City, it’s easy since it forms kids’ word “bank” in a conversational and informal manner. With this app learning vocabulary has become my students’ favorite part of the day. After all,  is there any kid who doesn’t love playing?

vocabulary spelling city

Enhancing Contextual Vocabulary 

Contextual learning is the most visual way of teaching vocabulary. With Vocabulary Spelling City it is easy since there are texts full of clues to the word meaning. The app includes analogies, compound words and figurative language. Kids see and hear words out loud, spelled and used in a context-rich sentence.

Spelling City’s literature lists include stories, poems and plays for various grade levels. These reading materials are recommended by Common Core State Standards.

Teachers can import word lists from major reading programs or choose from thousands of word lists for each grade level to reflect their curriculum. Teaching vocabulary has never been so easy!

vocabulary spelling city

Vocabulary Literacy on a Classroom Level

Spelling City has addressed teachers’ concern of making all kids digest the vocabulary pieces. Every kid can work at his own pace. They can watch videos and play quizzes as long as they digest the information thoroughly. The more times they come across these words, the stronger their understanding grows. Eventually, they become the “owner” of this word “bank”.

Teachers can also set individualized tasks for kids at lower pace. Automatic test grading and tracked results make teaching vocabulary a breeze.


Boosting Three-Way Cooperation

This app also makes learning a three-way activity. Thanks to the app’s 24/7 accessible feature, parents can also “take” kids to Spelling City and later view their test results at home. With all the big data regarding time spent on each activity, scores and misspellings, parents can work on kids’ progress in the evenings.

The app also allows printing most games and activities in order to engage students offline as well. A perfect way to make kids do something useful for them!

To sum up, Vocabulary Spelling City is my go-to tool to ease students’ struggles with spelling and vocabulary. It is an ultimate way for engaging and educating kids at the same time.


Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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