My New Intel All-In-One PC, Before And After #IntelAIO (Perfect Touchscreen PC for Elementary!)

Before and After My AIO (All-In-One) PC

As a 2nd grade classroom teacher, I often find that my goals or expectations for a product may differ slightly from those are not educators.  Take the personal computer, for example.  In the classroom, a teacher’s desk computer can often become much more than a “personal” computer.  While a teacher’s personal computer is used for traditional PC things, like spreadsheets and reports,  it can also be utilized as a gateway to so much more.

Recently I was contacted to see if I’d be interested in reviewing the Intel All-In-One PC (AIO),
and I was very excited
to get to work with it in the classroom for a variety of reasons, the largest of which was being able to de-personalize my computer.  I was in the market for a classroom computer, not a personal computer, and I
could tell upon first glance that this product could help my classroom
and students in a way that my previous PC just couldn’t.

An Elementary Teacher’s Opinion
Keep in mind as you’re reading this review that I am not a technology specialist.  The ideas shared from this review will be from the perspective of a classroom teacher.  I may miss sharing a specification or technical term.  My goal is to share what I believe works for my classroom and may be applicable to others.  I am a mom, and I teach second grade.  This review will be honest and simplistic.  I get overwhelmed when trying to decide what to purchase in the technology departments at stores.  Trust me, I spent days trying to decide whether to buy a  Mac book Air or a Pro.  I’m not really interested in RAM or screen resolution or gigahertz.  I’m interested in how a product interacts with my students.  Thus, my goal is to paint a simple and beneficial picture of what I like about the device and why.  
What is an AIO?
An All-In-One PC is a personal computer that combines the power of a personal computer with the user experience of a tablet or laptop.  Yes… it IS the best of BOTH world… a touch screen (large and mobile) computer!  The computer itself is contained within the same physical piece of equipment as the monitor.  The speakers, camera, and microphone are as well.   There is only one cord, and the entire unit only takes as much desk space as the monitor and the keyboard require.  It operates using both a mouse/key interface and a touch screen interface.  

This short video created by the provider, emphasizes some of the key features using the one second every day approach.

Amazing Points About the AIO:
  • the power of a desktop, without the desk
  • touch screen interface is extremely intuitive and user friendly
  • beautiful large screen is extremely useful when trying to run programs side by side

What Can My Students Do on a AIO?

When you have your students work on a computer, what are they usually doing?  Chances are… they can also do that same work on a AIO.  You can load up Microsoft Office for traditional computing, while also having the flexibility of putting the computer literally anywhere in your classroom and turning it into a giant tablet.  There are no traditional computer programs that I’ve looked for that won’t work on the AIO.  I have, however, found many new things that I can do on the AIO that I couldn’t do before.   I especially love that I can pick it up and put it anywhere around the room to use: on a student’s desk, on the floor, on a table, and on the go!
Before and After

My previous classroom PC was a nice PC.  It performed quite admirably in many ways.  It connected just fine to my Smart Board, ran spreadsheets, and surfed the net.  It was able to do everything that I needed it to do in a personal sense.  I could get my “work” done on it.  Creating lesson plans, checking email, etc.  But at the end of the day, it was a “personal” computer in every sense of the word.  It sat on a desk that was “my”desk and was for my use only.

I wasn’t really able to let the students touch my teacher computer (without me being close by).  Everything important is password protected, and I enjoy using technology to teach.   It had cords everywhere, the monitor was precariously balanced on top of the processor, the screen did nothing when you touched it, etc.  It just didn’t feel like a modern computer.

The new AIO, however, has opened up many new adventures for us.  It takes up significantly less space, so much so that my desk no longer even exists.  The computer spends its nights on one of our class bookshelves, but it is adaptable to go anywhere in the classroom, even on the floor.  The AIO is now a permanent component of our digital workstations, allowing easy access to many different learning platforms.  I could even use it at parent-teacher conferences.  I moved it over to our breakfast nook and set it up to share the student’s digital portfolios.  I appreciate how easy and flexible this device it to use and share.  Most of all, the children really enjoy learning with it!

{You can see more about this awesome AIO PC and price one for your class or home!}


Full Disclosure: I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this
partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.
The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of devices online.

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