One App for ALL Your Parent Communication!


Finally an app that isn’t “one more thing…” It is “THE thing!”

As an educational blogger, I get to learn about and share many exciting products with my audience.  However, as a classroom teacher, I am skeptical about which products I choose to share with my readers.  It seems like each day there is a new shiny tool or resource that promises to do something amazing to make my teaching practice better in some regard. I’m thrilled to share with all of you a resource that does something widely desired by educators all over the country: help them save time, while increasing the engagement parents have in their kids’ education.   The great team at Bloomz has done what successful companies always do… listen to their audience/customers and give them what they need and want.  It’s that simple. 

A few years ago, I openly embraced nearly every tool that came my way.  I was like a kid in a candy store – excited and overwhelmed.  Just like a kid in a candy store, I was happy, too.  I discovered tools that I can confidently state changed many aspects of my teaching practice in a positive way.  However, over time, I started to find that I had collected nearly too many amazing tools.  I needed another lesson planning binder just to keep track of these great tools, logins, passwords, student account information, unique url address, and more.  Most importantly, I was feeling the heat from my parents and students.  While they appreciated the incredible opportunities these tools offered, it was clear how challenging it was becoming to remember to sign up for or subscribe to the many different accounts at the beginning of each year and keep track of how to maintain access to each resource throughout the year.   Shouldn’t there be a single resource that could combine doing what all of these other tools did on their own? 


Why I Love Bloomz

We love our smart, mobile devices because they are “all-in-one.”  We no longer have to carry around a stereo, atlas/GPS, computer/laptop, camera, video recorder, alarm clock, calculator, telephone, etc…  Imagine a tool that could help simplify your classroom life in a similar way.  That’s Bloomz! 

Here are some of my favorite features Bloomz offers:

  • easily share classroom moments with parents via photo, video, text type messages
  • safe, secure, private
  • it’s free!
  • easy to set up and start using right away
  • schedule events (volunteer sign-ups, parent-teacher conferences
  • instantly message parents with ease (no need to search for email addresses/phone numbers)
  • can translate your text into 80+ languages!
  • parents can reply in their native language, Bloomz translates it back to English for you
  • parents can message to one another (*you can disable this feature)
  • teachers can turn off 2 way notifications to disable (or allow) the ability for parents to reply
  • set up calendars for due dates/events
  • upload files to send/post

But Wait… There’s More! Bloomz has now integrated a behavior management feature that allows you to completely customize the features or select from an archive within the platform. 

While we don’t award “points” in our classroom, we often have students work within teams.  Throughout the day, students recognize one another and other teams for demonstrating a variety of classroom expectations, school core-values, and life-long guidelines for positive citizenship.  This would be a great way to set up our goals for each team.  I can’t wait to try out this new feature!


Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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