Pinterest for Teachers

Pinterest for Teachers

I’ve been amazed with how quickly Pinterest has ‘caught on’ in all markets – especially teaching.  Being the Twitter fan that I am, I held out on Pinterest.  Though I was one of the early users, I neglected my account for quite a while.  Honestly, the overstimulating visual boards drove me nuts!  I’m more of a linear person.  So, to have boards scattered all around just didn’t work well for my obsessive compulsive nature.  Then, I decided to give it a go on my iPad.  I must admit, I typically only use Pinterest on my mobile devices due to the UI on my PC. 

Copyright Issues

After a delightful Skype conversation with Debbie Clement (who has over 4K Pinterest followers), I finally committed to using the tool.  Go figure that shortly after I became addicted to Pinterest there would be a huge copyright issue surrounding ‘Pinning.’  You can read The Washington Post article here.  Here’s a link to Pinterest’s copyright page:  In fact, moments ago, Mashable just published an interesting piece regarding Amazon’s take on Pinterest – click here to read this new story.  Lastly, here’s another take from on Pinterest and sharing – click here to access this post.

I have a Pinterest board where I’ve been slowly collecting resources surrounding Pinterest.  You can access that board by clicking here.

Pinterest is Popular

Regardless of your opinion of Pinterest, there is no doubt that the site has been successful.  In my small corner of the blogosphere, I have connected with several teachers using Pinterest.  Teachers are using Pinterest in various ways.  Mostly, I find that teachers are using the tool to find ideas for their own teaching practice.  Twitter friend, Eric Sheninger (better known on Twitter as @NMHS_Principal), just published a post for Edutopia on Pinterest.  You can read his article here and see his web 2.0 technology board here

I would love to know your thoughts on Pinterest.  Are you using it as a teaching tool or as a professional tool?  I also invite you to join me on Pinterest by following my boards – click here

Creative Educators using Pinterest

If you have an idea or blog post about how you’re using Pinterest,
leave a comment below and I’ll add it to my “Pinterest for Teachers” board!

Pinerly – the Hootsuite of Pinterest?
want an invite? click here!

A new company, Pinerly, has just launched a Pinterest friendly dashboard.  The company is not affiliated with Pinterest.  They’re slowly allowing users to join based on invitation only.  However, their invitations aren’t by first come first serve.  You have to ‘pull your weight in the social world’ to get an invitation.  In other words, once you request an invitaion, you aren’t accepted.  You’re expected to get others to join, too.  If you get one friend to sign up, you’re allowed a ‘sneak peak’ of Pinerly.  Then, when you have 5 friends request an invitation, you are issued an early invite.  I’m curious to see how this dashboard will catch on in relation to the attraction Pinterest has received.

The advantages of the Pinerly dashboard seem to be that you can schedule your Pins and get statistics about your Pins.  There seems to also be a favorites option along with a follow and unfollow feature. 

You can read more about Pinerly by clicking my referral link here.  My best comparison would be that Pinerly is the “Hootsuite” of Pinterest.

Apparently, I’m on the ‘next batch’ of invites… here’s my email note: (so I’ll let you know how it goes)

Your friends really love you! They just got you on the next batch of our invites to access to Pinerly. I guess coffees are on you 😉
We are rolling out invites slowly: (in case you were curious as to why)
You will be notified via e-mail once you gain access. We know this approach may be frustrating, but it allows us to test the platform and modify it to provide you with the best experience.!

11 Pinterest Apps And Tools To Enhance Your Pinning Experience
click here to view

Congrats to Pinterest:

Best New Start-Up at the 5th Annual Crunchies Awards, January 2012, David Lee presented the Best New Startup Award.

If you’d like a Pinerly invite, click here for my affiliate link.
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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

  1. I LOVE using interest! It started for me as just a crafty thing. But with more teachers using it, I go on it DAILY, sometimes hourly!!!! I have boards for school like crazy! I love it, it is the 1st thing I go to in the am to pull up what I am teaching. I really love the you tube posts, it takes me right to the video I want, no garbage or innaporpriate content.

  2. I started using Pinterest for school and it has spread to the rest of my life!

    For school, my special ed. director knew how I was into it and asked met to present it to my school board. I was super surprised he knew I got lots of ideas from it.

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

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