Resources for iPads in Education

I’ve compiled some of my favorite resources for using Apps in  Education or at home with your kids:

If you have a great site, please recommend it through a comment below.  Thanks!


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  1. Erin,
    Thanks so much for this! I JUST wrote a proposal to get iPads for the K-2 students in my school. I was wanting to create a similar list…now I don't have to! 😉 THANKS!
    WIsh us LUCK!

  2. Hi Erin!

    I am currently a first grade teacher at a Catholic School in Fort Worth. My boyfriend is also a teacher there and we have created idonatemyipad to get ipads into our school. Unfortunately, we do not get a lot of funding and rely mostly on tuition from our parents, so asking them for money is a difficult thing to do and we don't want to burden them with anymore things. I know this isn't a site that has resources for teachers with iPads, but can you add it to your list anyway? Maybe we can get a little bit more traffic on our site and get ipads into our students' hands! Thanks so much!

    Teaching Little Apples

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