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“What apps do you recommend for the classroom?”  I am often presented with this question and have difficulty replying with a simple answer.  My view has always been that apps and games should be leveraged to enhance one’s learning, thus there isn’t a one size fits all answer.  If a colleague were to ask the similar question “What board games do you recommend” most teachers wouldn’t simply blurt out Monopoly or Yahtzee, they’d ask questions surrounding what the colleague’s expected outcomes were.  In the apps/computer gaming market, the same question should be asked: “What is the desired outcome?”

Greg Nussbaum, a teacher in Virginia is one of those who takes a good look at the desired outcomes before providing an answer.  Looking backwards from the expected results, he has created games and apps on his site Mr. Nussbaum, many of which were originally driven by projects his own students have done.  Take a look below to view a game created around his class’ project on the United States.

Featuring K-7 content in a variety of learning categories, Mr. N uses player interaction and culturally significant themes to bring the student into the learning experience.  Animal Idol, featured below, provides a unique spin on learning the finer details of the animal kingdom.  Be careful not to cross the judges, or “Simon Cow” may have some strong advice for you.

While Mr. Nussbaum additionally features some paid/premium products, the
vast majority of his offerings are free for students to utilize.  Mr. Nussbaum free site and adds includes access to gameplay on
math, science, history, geography, language arts, and many other
subjects.  Each subject has many sub-categories in which the user can choose from for more specific learning needs.

 Click here to try the free site

In addition to featuring a great free site, Mr. Nussbaum also offers a customizable premium service.  The premium upgrade allows a teacher to view all students results and supports assessment and communication with students.  Teachers can use templates to create games based upon their own class curriculum, or choose from existing games.

   Click here to try the premium site
While Mr. Nussbaum features some paid/premium products, the
vast majority of his offerings are free for students. 

 Click here to try the free site

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