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Claco is a free site for teachers to add their favorite content and find great resources to use.
Compared to Pinterest:
Claco is similar to Pinterest because you can  view content on the main page.  When you find something you like, you can snap (pin) it to your own binders (boards).  You can set up as many binders (boards) as you’d like.  You can add your own content, too.  Others begin snapping your content to their binders.  It’s a very social platform.
Compared to Microsoft Word:
Though I love Pinterest, sometimes I feel as though my content gets disorganized when too many items are added to a board.  I’m finding now that I need to add more boards to stay more organized in Pinterest.  For example, I need to take my Language Arts board and create sub boards: grammar, phonics, reading, writing, anchor charts, etc.  
I wish I could have a Language Arts Board and sub boards within that board.  For example, if someone clicked on my Language Arts board, they’d see several itemized boards within that one board.  They would see my grammar, phonics, reading, writing, anchor charts, etc.  This is not possible in Pinterest.  My only option is to have a million separate boards.
I’ve been downloading my favorite Pinterest finds, saving the files within Microsoft Word files.  I love that I can create file folders within file folders in Word. 
The Problem:
I can not save my websites, only my files.  Sometimes I find a really great blog post that I want to save; however, I can’t do this in Word.  So, I still save these favorite finds in Pinterest.
This is where I get really frustrated.  I have been looking for a site where I can truly save all of my favorites in one place: files, websites, and have organized folders within folders (without having a million boards or separate files).  
The Answer:
With Claco,  I can create ‘boards within boards’ and save ALL of my favorite content in ONE place!  Here is a look inside one of my binders: math…
An added bonus is that Claco is available anywhere, anytime.  I never have to carry a flashdrive.  I don’t have to email myself files.  Just like with Dropbox, I can access my content from any computer.  I never have to worry about forgetting my thumb drive or leaving my lesson on my school computer if I’m planning from home.  It’s all saved in the Cloud!
Another fun feature in Claco is that you can share great content easily with one click.  If you find a really great language arts resource, you can Pin it, Tweet it, or share it on Facebook.  You can see my reading workshop binder below this paragraph.  I have a ton of resources within this binder.  Click here to check them out.  
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  1. I agree about loving Pinterest, but wanting sub-boards within boards! I have the same problems with all my different language arts topics! :) Thanks, Erin! Always love reading your posts because I learn something new each time.

  2. Sherie,

    I'll personally invite you real quick so that you don't have to wait on an invite. Thanks for leaving your email so I can do this. :)



  3. Kendra,

    That would be nice if Pinterest did have this feature in the works, but I haven't heard anything.

    Plus, with Pinterest you can't upload files. Many bloggers have freebies for a limited time. If you just pin the post, you lose the freebie. I always download and save the file. Then, I have the content stored in Word or Online… now it's all in Claco.

    I love it!



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