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Organize Your Education with Schoolbinder:

Schoolbinder is a fantastic online management system that provides powerful resources for both student and teacher.  With its secure and user-friendly interface, Kleinspiration readers are invited to receive a FREE Pro Account with Schoolbinder.  

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What makes Schoolbinder great?


Use the Common Core standards, or your state standards, as a template to easily set long term goals and milestones for you students. Monitor how your class is mastering the standards or progressing toward their goals. Using Schoolbinder Goals you can help students see their educational expectations as small achievable milestones. Reflection and Metacognition are the pathways to learning.

Discussion Forums

Get to know your students and let them demonstrate mastery in their own words. Allow students to interact and learn from each other, which is a central component of the pedagogy behind Schoolbinder. Giving your students the opportunity to reprocess information and then articulate it according to their understanding helps to strengthen the connections in the brain and promote a greater depth of understanding.

Video Integration

Allow your students to learn from experts in nearly every field imaginable by embedding videos in the discussion forums. Moderate the discussions on Schoolbinder and keep the students off of the, sometimes unwieldy, comments sections of the public websites.

Class Calendars

Give your students one location to get all of the information that they need to be successful. Share assignments, exams, projects, and all other class news with your students and parents.

Class File Manager

Place all of your important files in one place where they will always be accessible by the students and parents.

Assignment File Manager

Allow you students to upload their work to a specific assignment location. Rest assured that all files uploaded by students are private and only visible by teachers.


Bookmark nearly anything in Schoolbinder: discussions, grades, files, and more. Prepare and stay organized for meetings. Bookmark a students work and discussions to show evidence of learning.


Post assignments online and give your students and parents a way to visually plan and prepare for their studies. Post homework, exams, projects, and anything else you can think of.


Help parents and students understand how close the students are to mastering a concept, idea or standard. Make grades accessible in a transparent way and help students keep track of their own progress. Keep parents in the communication circle and help them fully act as a partner in helping their children.


Conveniently keep track of your students’ attendance using the absolute easiest online attendance tracker. Absent? Click. Late? Click, click.

SMS Reminders

Never forget an event! Set SMS text reminders or email reminders for assignments, exams, etc. Display reminders on class pages. Teach your students the importance of organization and allow them to set their own SMS text reminders.

Class Announcements

Communicate important information with students in a timely and visible way. Class announcements and SMS reminders give students more opportunities to be successful.
Truly, Schoolbinders is a system that includes everything your classroom needs and wants – all in one place!  Imagine connecting your students, their families, and the school to keep everyone united and informed.  Best of all, Schoolbinders has an ongoing development tool to ensure you always get the best service possible!  
So subscribe as a Kleinspiration reader today and get a free premium subscription to Schoolbinders!


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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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