Science4Us: Your Guide to Teaching Kids Science and Life

Why are there no dinosaurs in zoos? Why do things fall to the ground? How do plants grow?  Well, kids have a pile of questions to reveal life mysteries. While we could get along with some unanswered questions, knowledge of science is a must for our kids to cope with their rapidly changing environment. Science is a fascinating subject and mastering it at an early age can be life-changing. They will not be prepared for technological progress unless we help them. Thus, teachers need to open the door to guide them through study and research.

Science4us: Your Guide to Teaching Kids Science and Life

That’s where I recommend Science4us. The app is a complete, web-based K-2 science curriculum that teaches science using a fun, interactive approach. Its “think like a scientist” attitude awakens curiosity in young kids and gives them the bigger picture of how the world works. The “books” of the app include Physical Science, Inquiry, Life Science and Earth/Space Science. They all address child’s passion to play and experiment, and teach how experiments can be noted and analyzed.

I strongly recommend Science4us and these are the following reasons why:

  • Both informative and engaging:

You will find no raw material in Science4us. To grasp kids’ attention, animated stories, cartoon characters and visual activities come to help. Kids play and experiment. While playing games they choose tools, estimate sizes/ quantities and compare measurements. It is not just about math. Students play games to improve their vocabulary,  sort mixtures by materials and properties, compare mass and identify types of materials. You will agree that cartoons and animations are the right choice to engage kids and make them solve various problems.

Science4us: Your Guide to Teaching Kids Science and Life

  • All levels

We know while some kids easily grasp new information, it may take a while for others. The app encourages all kids to plan and carry out investigations. Activities can be played multiple times, which allows students to digest the whole content on their own.  

  • Socially responsible

The attention grabbing animations and games help kids understand how plants and animals affect the environment. They also provide them in-depth knowledge of how they can positively change their environment. No doubt, it is so much better when kids digest the concept of endangered and invasive species through games instead of attacking some planets, killing villains or destroying armies. 

Science4us: Your Guide to Teaching Kids Science and Life

  • Systematic approach

My favorite feature of this app is online note-taking. After activities students are assigned to record their ideas in digital Notebooks. This is an awesome opportunity to keep track of students’ progress and inspire accountability, as well as creativity in them.

  • Easy for teachers

There is no need to worry about how you will track students’ progress. It is so easy with Science4us. Dashboards let you set daily assignments and track students’ progress on those assignments. Last but not least, you can check students’ digital notebooks.

To sum up, Science4us is an awesome tool to make children acquire lifelong skills and understand that there are diverse ways to solve problems.


Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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