Snap! Learning: Easy For Teachers, Effective For Kids

My readers know I am always sharing tips and tricks to make learning effective for students. But my blog has another important objective too. Besides helping teachers in their mission to make learning effective and engaging for kids, I’m strongly determined to advise them on easing their lives as well.

So, let’s get started.

snap learning

Remember I was sharing my expertise on how to prevent teacher burnout? Then you must remember how I urged not to take school home. You must have free time to share with your loved ones and to engage in activities you enjoy. Still, many of us want to make lessons as engaging as possible, which makes us spend evenings and nights on preparing lesson plans. Not me anymore! I was lucky enough to come across SnapLearning.

The app was designed to assist teachers of grades 2-8 in the implementation of Common Core Standards. The materials and exercises provided by the app help teachers make it a success with kids’ reading.

My readers must already know the name of this app. Well, I cannot help talking about it. Once I took it to the classroom, I immediately realized that it’s an app initiated by teachers themselves. A truly effective app made by teachers for teachers.

You must remember how Snap! Learning benefits students from my earlier posts. Today I’m inclined to talk from another perspective. I’ll tell how SnapLearning benefits me as an educator and how it can be a lifesaver for other teachers too.

No need to structure lessons

Every evening you must be thinking of strategies to make kids digest the reading materials and vocabulary. We all do! We have to draft lesson plans, write down questions, prepare quizzes and approximately estimate the time. Snap Learning has done the homework for you.

Whether you choose to apply it on a daily basis or from time to time, you can completely rely on it. The app is always ready for the lesson. It assigns kids to have multiple readings of texts and makes sure they grasp the lesson by using various vocabulary strategies, paraphrasing, summarizing, synthesizing and quoting.

Extra homework for kids

Many parents ask to have extra homework assignments for kids. While we always encourage such behavior, it means additional work for us. This is another reason to apply SnapLearning.

It makes sure kids have a blend of useful reading materials. Moreover, assessment tools are available for them to check their knowledge. Thus, SnapLearning plays the role of a private teacher for each kid. 

Thinking on your behalf

No one knows how much we teachers prioritize reading materials. Improving kids reading skills and vocabulary is not enough. We want them to gain knowledge on important pieces of literature through reading.

Luckily, teachers designing SnapLearning did not bypass this point. Reading materials include stories, legends, tales, poetry, scenes from dramatic plays, speeches, newspaper articles, memoirs, and more. Topics mostly reflect science and history/social studies. No need to start googling your brain and the Internet anymore!

To sum up, Snap! Learning is the perfect tool to make reading assignments easy for teachers and effective for kids!


Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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