Stitch Fix: The Perfect Way to Shop for Busy Teachers!

I Went from Being Skeptical to Falling in Love
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I’ve contemplated about sharing about this service on my blog for a few reasons.  First, this is a resource sharing blog.  Second, it is an education blog.  Third, I’d be pushing my referral link.  Well, after receiving my second shipment of items, I decided to rethink the idea of sharing this on my site.  Because this is a resource sharing site, I’d like to share this great resource with all of you.  Additionally, since teachers are often busy (and it is REALLY difficult to shop with our own children), I thought it would be a perfect idea to share.  Lastly, while I will share my referral link, you do not have to use it.  Granted, it would be super cool if you did; however, that is not why I am sharing this with you.  For full disclosure, I do receive a $25 credit for each friend that uses my referral link.  I’m sharing this with you because I simply think it is a wonderful idea that you, too, could benefit from and enjoy.  
When my dear friend, Maria (from KinderCraze), shared Stitch Fix with me, I was skeptical.  However, she swore by it.  I kept seeing her photos on Instagram.  She always looked adorable!  Plus, she wasn’t “some blogger I followed.”  She was a friend right here in Michigan.  I had a level of trust that really helped me decide to give this thing a try.  Besides, it was only $20 to get started.  If it was as great as she claimed, it would be worth it in the end.  — boy, was she right!
What is Stitch Fix?
It’s an online service that pairs you with a personal stylist.  You can click here to see more.  
How do you get started?
You simply click here and set up an account.  You’ll need to plan to have about 10-20 minutes because you will have to fill out your personal profile.  You will be asked questions about your style and design taste.  You will also need to plug in your sizes and measurements.  It is a simple and fun process.  You will also need to be prepared with your credit card information because there is a $20 fee to get started.  When you receive your first package, you will have that $20 credited towards the items you decide to keep.  
Something good to know…
Your first “fix” takes a while to receive.  I believe mine took about six weeks.  However, my second one arrived just three weeks later.  Now, I can set the frequency for delivered packages.  They will come as often or as little as I like.
It’s super easy to return what you don’t like.
Inside your box is a return bag that is pre-paid for postage.  Try on what you like and keep it.  Place the items you wish to return in the bag and mail back.  Go online and “check out” the items that you’re keeping.  You’ll get to make comments about the items you’re returning so your stylist gets a better idea of what you like. 
What I love most:
It is fun to receive packages of new clothes in the mail.  It was very simple to set up and get started.  I love that the styles and patterns are something I may not pick up to try on in a store.  However, when I try them on at home from Stitch Fix, I love them!  My favorite part is that I’ve found two pair of pants from Stitch Fix that I absolutely love.  I am very picky when it comes to jeans.  Somehow, these fit just right.  I couldn’t be happier!


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  1. I love StitchFix! Maria got me started on it too and I couldn't be happier with it! Such a great way to add new cute teacher clothes to our closets! And I got that same grey and white striped top and love it!

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