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NFL Star Athlete Stephen Tulloch and Award Winning Author, Maria Dismondy, Introduce Their NEW Book: The Little Linebacker

I’m so excited to announce that my dear friend, Maria Dismondy has partnered with the great Stephen Tulloch to write the endearing book… The Little Linebacker.  I can tell you, first hand, from previewing this book as a parent of a second grade boy, it was AWESOME!  Though Maria is my friend… I find myself often thanking her for creating stories that bond us, as a family and a community.  The story of Stephen’s journey is a heartwarming one that will be a class favorite for sure!

Book Summary:

Stephen is a little kid with big dreams of playing football. The odds are against him when he is tested and faced with challenges. This is a story of a boy who worked hard to defy the odds and become a leader.

Book Synopsis:

Have you ever wanted something so much, but it seemed impossible? That is how it was for Stephen growing up.  The odds were against him when all he ever wanted to do was play football.  Read to find out what happens when a young boy decides to never say never.

How to Order:

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Cost: $10.95

Freebie for YOU: A Complete Reader’s Guide

*click here to download

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.28.22 AM Stephen and Maria partnered with the fabulous Emily Yost from Third in Hollywood to create a super, comprehensive and fun reader’s guide you can use in your classroom.

There are 29 pages of activities for your students to do.  The guide includes comprehension skill and strategy practice that your students will not only enjoy but also think deeply about the message of the story.

In this guide you’ll find more than printable pages.  Your students can engage in hands-on activities to complete independently or with partners/small groups.  Additionally, Emily developed cross-content lessons that tie engaging ways to learn about geography, measuring, money, and more!  What a gem of a resource!

Connect with the Stars:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.48.21 AM

Stephen Tulloch, Verteran NFL player, will be signing events at this local venues.

We would love to see you at along the way on this Book Tour!

You can check out all of Maria Dismondy’s upcoming events… they are wonderful!  She’s also a top notch presenter to bring to your school (we LOVE having her!).


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