The Awesome @Remind101 just Got Easier for Parents and Students with Join Pages!

Remind101 Launches Join Pages

Remind101 is a free text messaging service.  It is safe and secure.  Teachers can sign up for a free account.  They are given a specific number that is different than their personal phone number.  Then, they can invite others to join their class.  When others join, their information is private, too.  Once others have joined, teachers can send out information with the click of a button!  Others can’t reply, so teachers aren’t overwhelmed with messages to reply to.  
Step 1: Set Up an Account
Signing up is simple.  Simply click here to set up for quick, free account.  
Step 2: Invite Others to Join Your Class
I invite my student’s parents to join.  Because I teach second grade, my messages are delivered to the adults.  However, you can have your middle school and secondary students sign up for your class.  
You can also set up separate classes for the different areas you teach.  For example, I know many teachers who set up an account for their classes and for the teams they coach.  
There are a few ways others can sign up to receive your messages. 
Option A: Grab Your Phone
Others simply text a @message to your Remind101 number.  
Option B: Sign Up Via Email
Others can sign up via email.  You can print off a PDF to send home with directions on how to do this.
Option C: NEW ~ Sign Up Via “Join Pages”
You can send your parents an email with the link to Join Pages and your class code.  They simply follow the three steps above to get registered for your class.  
Resources from Remind101 
Helpful Tip:
I send home the printable PDF from the Remind101 site that gives directions on exactly how to sign up for my specific class.  I put these in the children’s mailboxes during the first week of school.  I send an email out to the entire class letting them know to look for the PDF coming home and to be sure to sign up.  I start sending reminders the very next day.  
I can tell exactly who has signed up by the names they used.  If needed, I send out another email as a gentle reminder.  I let parents know they can stop by the class if they need help signing up.  
I also tell my parents about Remind101 at Open House.  Our Open House is within the first three weeks of school.  Usually, everyone is signed up by this point.  However, for those that may have reservations, I do a brief introduction of what the service is and give examples of the types of reminders I send.  I also have extra printout pages for how to sign up for those that may have lost the first one.  
Remind101 has great, printable resources available for parents and students. Click the image to connect.
I find that the printable page Remind101 creates for your use is very helpful.  I do attach a brief cover letter to the front of the printable page that explains how I will use the service for our class.  I let parents know I will send reminders for special events, spelling words, class videos, and more.  
Get the Printable PDF to Send Home

After you are logged into your account, you can click on the blue box (upper right side).  A pop up will appear.  You can click the printer icon in the right corner.  Then, a printable form will be available for your use.  It will have your specific class information.  Simply print and send home.  
Step 3: Start Sending Reminders
After you are all signed up and have students/parents signed up for your class, you can start sending your reminders.  Tip: I sign up for my own class, too.  This way, I receive a text for each message I send out.  I usually send out about 2 – 4 reminders per week.  
You simply type your message into the box.  Each message is limited to 140 characters.  You can send your message automatically or schedule it out for later.  Each Friday, I sit at my computer with my district calendar and second grade newsletter to compose and schedule my reminders for the following week.  During weeks where I don’t have many reminders, I offer links for beneficial apps and websites to enhance what we are doing in the classroom.  
Scheduling Reminders
I send several kinds of weekly reminders.  I also pay attention to the times I schedule each reminder.  For example, if I’m sending a “don’t forget to bring this to school” reminder, I will schedule it out around 7:00am.  This is about the time most families will be loading the car in the morning.  If I’m sending out a “tomorrow is Spirit Day or Pilgrim Day” reminder, I’ll schedule it about 5pm so that children can lay out their clothes for the next day or have time to do a quick load of laundry if needed.  When I send out a “check out this video” reminder, I send it out in real time.  This way, parents can see the field trip or recess or class activity as it is happening so that they feel like a part of the day.  If I’m sending out a “spelling words” reminder, I schedule it for the time of our dismissal.  This way, parents can practice the words with their children on the way home from school.  
Get the App to Text on the Go!

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Disclosure: Remind101 is a sponsor of Kleinspiration.  The views are my own in this post.  


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