The Handwriting Without Tears Wet-Dry-Try App is Now Available for iOS and Android!

I’m so excited because the HWTears Wet-Dry-Try app is now live!  Having been to the HWT two-day training and teaching the program since I started teaching, I’m over the moon about this app.  
While it’s not your content creation magical app like Toontastic (one of my favorites), it’s so very powerful for little learners.  Having a four year old, I know what it is like to work on letter formation and fine motor skills.  Even more so, having taught in 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th grade, I know the impact that poor grip and improper letter formations can have on a student. It’s best to develop good habits early.
Regardless of the handwriting debate, putting pencil to paper will be around for many years to come.  I am a believer in teaching typing and handwriting.  While I don’t think the focus on handwriting should be emphasized as much as it may have been in prior years, I do value the importance of being able to properly know how to make letters that form words.  This is an important skill to launch the development of young readers and writers.  
When too much thought goes into thinking of how to make a letter, less thought goes into the flow of creative writing.  This is why I enjoy using the HWTears program.  The language is child-friendly and the formations are simple.  I even use the Livescribe Sky pen to work on handwriting with Jacob, my four year old.  
You can click here to watch the video of the HWTears developer, Jan Olsen, show how to do the Wet-Dry-Try activity using the small slate board, sponge, and paper towel.  The idea is to have multiple practices (without getting the child bored doing the same type of practice) while using the language to construct the letter.  Hence, the multi-sensory approach.
{click here to see the app on the HWTears website}
{click here to see the app in iTunes and here for Android}


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  1. Hi,really great app.The two options for sensitivity permit parents and educators to modify the written work resistance relying upon each student’s need.The smiley face and Slate Chalkboard frame advances great handwriting and perusing propensities for capitals and numbers.Thanks a lot.
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  2. Hello! Wet-Dry-Try Suite for Capitals, Numbers & Lowercase is the application based adaptation of the well known, longstanding starting handwriting project of the same name. The three-stage arrangement of following uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers on a virtual writing slate with a "wet" wipe and a "dry" towel and afterward thinking of them with chalk keeps rehearse simple and steady. A sound mentor gives guidelines while orderly visual cases show up.Thanks all!!!

  3. I feel that the advantage of Wet-Dry-Try in "real life" is the sensory info that a child gets from the chalk,the sponge and the paper towel action that is so fundamental to giving them the sensory engine data for learning.I pondered about the App and that is the reason I never obtained it.Thanks for the input.
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