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ThinkWrite Headsets: Build with Students in Mind

I was so excited when a great friend of mine suggested I try these headsets for my classroom. She knew I was trying many creative strategies with my students to personalize instruction within our classroom. The more we talked, I shared some of the positives and negatives within our attempt towards a blended learning space. Honestly, the only negative aspects were issues where we lacked resources.

When she and I discussed the environment, it was clear that one area that could be improved was the need for a quieter space. Because our classroom is small, noise travels. Therefore, anytime we would work with technology, I would have to have the students turn the volume nearly all the way down. Otherwise, nearby groups wouldn’t be able to focus on the work in their center, or station. Additionally, when each group was working around the room, it became a bit chaotic with the different sounds bouncing from each group, even though they were doing their best to be as quiet as possible. It became even more of a challenge for me to work with my teacher guided small group because of all the noise happening within the small groups. Sadly, each group would get mildly frustrated because they couldn’t even hear the information being shared from their device since the volume couldn’t be turned up that loudly.

I knew we needed a simple fix… headphones. I had students each purchase a pair of earbuds to bring in the room a few years ago. Unfortunately, when it was time to use their earbuds, they either couldn’t find them or they’d be in a tangled mess. I decided to help out the kids and get a plastic craft divider for each child to house their earbuds. Sadly, my plan didn’t really work. It seemed like a good idea in theory, but it was hard to crumble up the cords and put into each tiny, square compartment. We tried a few other options, but none truly seemed to be efficient – even after looking at some creative ideas on Pinterest. We simply needed a better solution.

Why would I need headsets in my classroom?

  • reduce noise volume for students working with devices
  • allow students to record and share their voices
  • enable students ability to successfully hear the content being shared

What makes ThinkWrite Headsets special?

  • they’re built with students in mind
  • the headset’s special plastic allows them to be bent without breaking or snapping
  • extra thick cable with built in volume control
  • compatible with iPad and Chromebook’s single jack for recording and listening

How could we creatively use these to enhance the work we’re doing?

I love the ideas shared from the ThinkWrite website – I can’t wait to try some next year with my kids!

1. Record themselves reading so teachers can monitor fluency.
2. Record themselves reading their own writing.
3. Record voice overs for multimedia projects. (iMovie)
4. Get speech feedback from language applications. (Duolingo)
5. Participate in a Skype or FaceTime connection with a student in another state or country.
6. Leave voice feedback on other students work and projects. (Voice Thread)
7. Compose a first draft of a writing assignment using voice to text. (Siri or Dragon)
8. Teach a math concept to other students with Explain Everything.
9. Create an original song in GarageBand with voice effects recorded with headset.
10. Use Siri for voice commands.

Compatible with Scholastic Read 180 and Imagine Learning.

Is it expensive to get these for my classroom?

Each unit is $19.99; however, they do offer discounts for volume purchases. You can click here to get a quote.

How can I get these for my students?

  • Set up a request through Donors Choose – your project could get funded by a generous donor! I’ve had SEVERAL friends receive donations for their students from the hospitality of others through Donors Choose
  • Add a ThinkWrite headset to your school supply list – this way, each child can have their own and take it with them once the year is over
  • Write a grant
  • Request through your parent organization

Be sure to click below to see up close details and exciting videos!


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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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