The Polar Express Freebies and Tons of Holiday Ideas for Your Classroom!

In second grade, we host holiday tradition sharings where families come in to host a mini-workshop to share their holiday celebrations with our grade level friends.  The children love having their loved ones come in to explain the rich family traditions that they hold dear.  As a teacher, I continue to learn so much from the variety of cultures we have within our school.  I always enjoy hearing the children draw natural similarities between their traditions and the traditions of their friends.  My next post will highlight these workshops along with the ones the teachers share.

As a part of our Christmas sharing, we take part in reading The Polar Express and doing a few winter activities.  The children always enjoy this book and spark such interesting conversations around the themes within the story.  Each year, I change up what I do with the students a bit.  When I taught first grade, the entire grade level received golden tickets, walked the red carpet to the library, wore our cozy pajamas, met our parents, and sipped hot chocolate while enjoying the featured film.  This was such a special memory for everyone involved.

Do you do any holiday traditions with your class?  I’d love to hear about your ideas… please be sure to leave a comment and share in the conversation!

The Polar Express

Writing Fun

This writing packet includes a week’s worth of writing activites for creative writing to go with The Polar Express. This packet contains the following:

I also love using The Polar Party Pack for all sorts of printable fun.  We use the tickets to distribute to each child.  They love receiving their pass for the train ride.  I also have a coloring page on each child’s desk that morning.  They’re always so excited for school this day, and the coloring page is simple yet calming.  I place one of the recipe cards in each student’s mailbox to take home, too.  There are 21 total pages… including music sheets with song lyrics to enjoy!

Party Pack

You can download this Polar Party Pack by clicking here now!
My complete post is hosted on ScholasticHere you will find even MORE Christmas Fun… like Holiday Door Decoration Ideas, Snowman Crafts, and Personalized Santa Letters that are super adorable!
Enjoy the Freebie Printables and Craftivities!  Thanks for all of your support!

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