Touch Typing Made Easy With KidzType

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of typing skills for anyone and especially our growing kids. Already today, it is highly unlikely to start a career without proper touch typing skills, which is why it is essential to help our kids get a hang on touch typing early on.

What is touch typing?

Touch typing is a way of typing without looking at the keyboard to determine the location of keys, rather relying on muscle memory and the sense of touch. This allows us to type much more quickly and with less effort, focusing our attention on the screen to review the final output of our typing.

Touch typing is actually a required skill in most workplaces and it’s not surprising.

Did you know people who touch type can type up to 65 words per minute, whereas people who don’t have this skill can manage only 35 words per minute? That’s a huge difference and a great opportunity to increase your productivity almost twice. Imagine how amazing it would be to master this skill in your early ages?

That’s exactly what KidzType tries to accomplish – teach young children and teens to learn how to touch type via educational games and interactive lessons. The platform offers flash games for all levels, gradually and smoothly taking you from basic techniques to advanced touch typing lessons.

How KidzSpace Teaches Touch Typing?

I love how KidzType uses different teaching formats combining typing games, typing lessons, exercises and typing practices. This can be a great addition to your class helping kids practice typing while also having fun. The great thing about KidzType is that the fun and the learning parts are well balanced which makes it a perfect addition to your learning program.

There is a wide selection of typing games for children of 2-8 grades.

KidzType touch typing gamesThe typing lessons on the other hand are less distractive and have a clear, user-friendly interface, especially for the little ones. Considering this platform’s focus on children and teens, the teaching program is split into easily digestible chunks;

  • Home row lessons (A-L keys & space key)
  • Top row lessons (QWERTY row & space key)
  • Bottom row lessons (Z-M keys & space key)
  • Shift keys
  • Number row lessons
  • Symbols keyboard lessons

lesson plan touch typing

This lesson plan is more suitable for younger learners who might otherwise struggle with a mixed collection of keys.

Kids can learn, test and practice touch typing skills on KidzType platform. Once they master one of the typing lessons, they can go ahead and do a few exercises, as well as practice skills already learned.

And the best part is that all of these goodies are available completely for free!

Final Notes

Touch typing is something that can be mastered at all ages, however it is much easier to absorb new information and learn new things at early ages. And our goal as teachers is to assist them through this fascinating journey by providing the best tools and technics of our time.


Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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