Using Interactive Whiteboards in Elementary Classroom

While a few years ago multisensory, hands-on learning in the classroom was something we could dream about, today most educators consider interactive whiteboards as a must-have tool for interactive and engaging classes. Indeed, when it comes to interactivity, nothing beats them.


Despite the fact, that the number of educators who apply interactive whiteboards in classroom is growing year by year, still there are teachers who opt for traditional chalkboards. Personally, I see no reason for avoiding this innovative tool in classroom. Moreover, it is an ultimate necessity for my elementary classes. Here is why:

 Interactive whiteboards in elementary classroom

More visual learning

Interactive whiteboards allow teachers to create engaging classes and involve every single student in learning process. It allows not only writing but also playing videos, displaying presentations and restoring erased data.

With multimedia lessons and video/audio presentations, you can bring more hands-on activities into the classroom. The motivating aspect of interactive whiteboards is that it can be adopted in the scope of any subject, such as spelling, math, biology or languages. Moreover, teachers can emphasize key points and ideas by using a pen or a highlighter and in this way boost deeper understanding among kids.

Integration of multiple information delivery methods is the basis of a coherent lesson. No wonder, when I applied interactive whiteboards in my classroom, I saw a significant increase in kids’ engagement.


Better interactivity

Any educator will agree group work and cooperation in classroom not only contribute to more profound learning practices but also ensure kids to be better team members for the future. Shared learning experience is the most effective method to apply. This is the reason I constantly give assignments that presume teamwork and classroom collaboration.

As such, interactive whiteboards can be widely applied for enhancing teamwork practices in the classroom. They exceedingly improve students’ collaborative skills. With a computer screen viewable by the entire classroom, it is an effective way for kids to display group projects and presentations. You can engage other groups too, who can make notes on slides.

Interactive whiteboards in classroom also make it possible to boost collaborative problem solving among kids.

Besides, most interactive whiteboards also include individual devices, which kids use for answering questions and voting from their places. No better way to draw the attention of each and every kid!


Improved technological literacy

Thanks to interactive whiteboards, kids are developing 21st century skills. It is a good option for boosting technological competence among elementary graders. Powered by user-friendly software, kids get used to touch screens and multisensory technology at early ages. Schools have never seen kids figuring out physics assignment or algebraic equations with scribbling through hand gestures. What can be better opportunity for kids to interact extensively with technology?

After all, they live in a digitalized era, which obliges them to have the basis for technological proficiency yet in elementary grades.


To sum up, you have no excuse for avoiding interactive whiteboards in classroom. It is the ultimate tool for educators who want to transform their classroom into more effective and interactive learning environment.







Mother. Teacher. Keynote. Author

Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

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