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I was just browsing my friend’s website when I noticed a new link to an app he’d created with the help from his friend, Robert Armbrister.  I paused to freak out for a moment because I was so happy his vision is now a reality!  I remember sitting by the pool this summer in Chicago when he called me to ask about ideas for developing a writing application.  I wasn’t able to ignite my creative advice at that given moment, but we chatted a bit over the next few months.  The only advice I recall giving him was that whatever he developed, it had to be more than simply recommending prompts.  
I’m very open when others ask for advice.  When Brad inquired what I would expect from an amazing writing app, it was difficult for me to express what I’d like to see; however, it was easy for me to tell him what I wouldn’t like to see.  I’m not in favor of writing to prompts on a regular basis for I feel that it limits creativity.  However, I am in favor of suggesting creative images to spark the imagination to take flight.  I think that is exactly what Brad did with Write About This.  
Brad is a fairly reserved guy and doesn’t give himself the credit he often deserves.  He’s quite the remarkable teacher and consultant.  In fact, he didn’t even tell me his app launched.  I’m not sure if he felt that he’d be bragging or asking for a post or perhaps he is just being modest.  So, I decided to return the favor and not tell him that I’m posting about his app.  :-)  I’m curious how long it will take him to find out via the social networking streams.  
Here is the link to Brad’s blog.  I recommend checking it out.  That’s where I noticed his app.  While you’re there, check out his bookshelf on his right side bar.  There are 6 of my favorite books listed.  If you haven’t selected your reading for Spring Break, you may want to choose one of those.  
Children can even collaborate on a writing piece together and publish their work.  You can share your “Write Abouts” with others via email or in your Write About portfolio.  What a handy way to save students’ creative writing!  You can tell a teacher was behind the development of this tool.
One of my favorite aspects this app has to offer is the ability for students to capture their own creative image and write about it.  This way, they aren’t limited to an archive of pre-determined photographs.  If they are inspired to snap a photo, why not launch Write About This and begin jotting down their thoughts, too.  After all, isn’t that the premiss of the True Writer’s Notebook?  – now it’s finally in a digital format that is user friendly for today’s learner.  

To Find Out More About This App:

click here for the website


click here for the iTunes app


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Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother.

  1. Erin, I really appreciate you taking the time to write about…Write About This! You noticed my favorite feature, the Custom picture prompts! I wanted students to be able to capture things that they are curious about so they can harness their thoughts in writing. Having them inspire each other with picture prompts can also be incredibly powerful. We also designed it so that whether teachers have 1 iPad, carts or 1:1 it would be flexible to meet their needs. I'd love to hear ideas from other teachers or parents on how they are using the app!

  2. Brad,

    How exciting to get a reply from you! Thanks for stopping by!

    I love what you've done with the app, and I know teachers are going to receive it well.



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